Goku Blogs

Did Goku die on Namek?
Goku V Frieza, the fight which made time standstill. After Frieza destroyed the core of Namek, he said the planet would explode in 5 minutes when it actually took a few hours of screen time. But that wasn’t the only […]
Is Goku a God?
A key theme running through Dragon Ball Super is exploring what it means to be a God. The idea of God Ki was introduced in the Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z but is explored more fully now in Dragon […]
What episode does Goku go Ultra Instinct?
Super Saiyan had a good reign and had three major transformations before it was usurped by God Ki. Then God Ki had a shorter reign with two major transformations before it was knocked off the top spot by Ultra Instinct. […]
Why does Goku have a tail?
There’s a reason why Frieza refers to Goku and Vegeta as “Monkeys”, and it’s not because of their love for Bananas! It’s because of their beautiful long tails, but why does Goku have a tail in the first place? All […]
Who Voices Goku?
When the world was first introduced to Goku, it was in Manga form, so he didn’t have a voice. One of the most important decisions for when the Dragon Ball Anime was first made was who was going to voice […]
Who is Goku Black?
When it comes to the most powerful warriors in Dragon Ball Anime, there is no doubt that Goku is one of them. But one episode there appeared to be more than one Goku onscreen who looked identical to our Goku […]
How many kids does Goku have?
We first started following Goku when he was only a small boy. But Dragon Ball takes place over 30 years, and it was a joy to see Goku eventually have children of his own. But how many kids does Goku […]
How did Goku get the heart virus?
One of the more shocking and disturbing things that Future Trunk told Goku was that in the future, Goku was dead! But Goku didn’t die nobly in battle, but was killed by a stinkin’ heart virus! How could a virus […]