Where to watch Dragon Ball?

Where to watch Dragon Ball?

We all love Dragon Ball, that’s a given. But long gone are the days of Dragon Ball Z marathons on Cartoon Network, and we have to adjust. We also all know about torrents and dodgy streaming websites, but most decent people want to avoid them if possible if there’s a convenient alternative. So let’s look at the legit places to watch everything from Dragon Ball Z to GT. Please note we have no affiliate links in this article! We want to give you the best and unbiased places to watch Dragon Ball! Hopefully either you or one of your friends will have access to these platforms allowing you to watch Dragon Ball for practically free!

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Funimation has to be the first stop of anyone who wants to watch Goku and Co legitimately. They allow you to watch all the TV episodes from every show (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Kai, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super), and all for free if you don’t mind a few adverts. For $7.99/month, you can go ad-free as well. The only downside is it’s only available in America, so you may need a good VPN to get you access. They also currently have 7 of the old movies. If all you care about is watching Dragon Ball Z then animation is the place.

Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll also allows free viewing with ads, but they only have Dragon Ball Super. If you have a friend with a Crunchy Roll account, it may be worth borrowing it to view the show’s latest instalment. Crunchy roll is also available globally, so no need for a VPN if you are outside of the US.


Netflix is the ultimate place to watch the latest movies. When writing this, they have Battle of Gods, Resurrection F and the newest Broly. But in terms of tv shows, they aren’t really on Netflix. Perhaps your region will be lucky and have the complete videography, but I’m not sure Dragon ball will ever be on Netflix for English speaking countries.


Although Hulu is an excellent platform with a tiered membership with some ads or no ads, it currently only has Dragon ball. For now, you will only be able to see Young/Teenage Goku kick some ass on Hulu. You can only view Hulu from within the USA so will need a VPN to access it, though it’s may not worth the effort if you live outside of America as they only have one show, the original Dragon ball.


Amazon is quite possibly the best place to buy Dragon Ball outright. They don’t let you stream episodes for a monthly fee, but for a one-off payment, you can own Episodes of Dragon Ball Z until Amazon’s servers burn when the Sun explodes. It’d be great to have unlimited access to Dragon Ball for the rest of your life on Amazon’s convenient platform, but these episodes can be quite expensive. It’s cost many hundreds of dollars (maybe thousands) to own them all outright.


Nowadays you can’t find full episodes of any shows on Youtube unless they are mirrored, slowed down and only occupy 2/3s of the screen. But youtube still has probably millions of Dragon ball clips on it. You can watch famous fights, compilations of Kamehameha’s and fan videos of who’d win between SSJ4 and SSG! I know I’ve personally spent hours going down a youtube rabbit hole of watching Dragon Ball clips online, so if you are out of options, why not google Future Trunks kills merged Zamasu and enjoy!

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