Can Pan go Super Saiyan?

Can Pan go Super Saiyan?

In the much-maligned series Dragon Ball GT, Pan is 9 years old, which apparently is the right age to go on an intergalactic space adventure with her Grandfather, who’s now a boy… of course. But as strong and brave as Pan is, we never actually see her go Super Saiyan throughout Dragon Ball GT, which begs the question, can Pan go Super Saiyan?

Yes, Pan can go Super Saiyan, but she hasn’t learnt how to yet. Being a quarter-Saiyan is enough DNA for Pan to go Super Saiyan, but she needs the right power level and catalyst to help her become Super Saiyan.

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Who is Pan – Brief Overview

Since you are seeking out the question can Pan go Super Saiyan, we assume you know who she is. But she’s the child of Videl and Gohan, Grand Daughter to Goku, Chi-Chi and Mr Satan, which makes her a quarter Saiyan.

Can a quarter Saiyan go Super Saiyan?

Yes, Quater-Saiyans can go Super Saiyan! We know this because both Vegeta and Goku’s descendants turn Super Saiyan at the World Martial Tournaments around 100 years after the main events of Dragon Ball Z, which can be seen on youtube. So if these 1/16 or 1/32 Saiyans have enough Saiyan DNA to go Super Saiyan, then 1/4 Saiyan can almost certainly go Super Saiyan.

Can a girl go Super Saiyan?

This was a question that feminist Dragon Ball fans asked for years! There’s no reason girls shouldn’t be able to turn Super Saiyan, but the fact is we’ve never seen one! And Toriyama could have invented a weird sexist reason why girls couldn’t turn Super Saiyan, but thankfully he didn’t! It wouldn’t be until Dragon Ball Super, where we meet the Universe 6 Saiyans, that we learn for a fact Girls can turn Super Saiyan. The first-ever female Super Saiyan was Caulifla, followed by Kale shortly after. So take that misogynists; Pan can Super Saiyan.

Is Pan too young to be a Saiyan?

Once upon a time, only the elite Saiyan warriors could turn Super Saiyan after decades of hard graft. But with the birth of Goten and Trunks and Toriyama’s desire to sell as many little yellow-haired Saiyan dolls as possible, it was discovered that children as young as 4 could be Super Saiyans, as we discovered in Episode 207 of Dragon Ball Z. So yep, Pan being 9 in Dragon Ball GT should definitely have been old enough to turn Super Saiyan.

So why hasn’t Pan turned Super Saiyan yet?

There’s no real answer to this question, only headcanon. While Pan is quite strong, she probably didn’t do the same level of rigorous training as Goten and Trunks did. Gohan and Videl just aren’t that into martial arts, so they wouldn’t have trained her the same way Vegeta trained Trunks, or Chi-Chi trained Goten.

You also need to have a powerful emotional event happen to become Super Saiyan. For Goku, it was seeing Krillin die. For Vegeta, it was almost dying on an Astroid, and for Gohan, it was months of training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

While Trunks and Goten had a less grandiose Super Saiyan origin story, Pan hasn’t had that magical event happen yet. You’d have thought that almost dying countless times while in space with Goku and Trunks would have been enough, but I guess not. Maybe it’s the comfort of having her hero Grandaddy Goku around to always save her bacon, and she needs to go off by herself to turn Super Saiyan.

Can Pan go Super Saiyan – Final Thoughts.

Sadly, the events of Dragon Ball GT aren’t canon, so all the training Pan did doesn’t help her become Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super. But it would be cool to see Pan become the youngest Super Saiyan ever in Dragon Ball Super. She’s about 3 at the end of Dragon Ball Super, so who knows, maybe we’ll see someone usurp Goten’s spot. That would really annoy Vegeta, that 2 of Goku’s family being the youngest Saiyans ever. KAKAROT!!!

Below is an artists rendering of what Pan might look like as a Super Saiyan drawn by el-maky-z.

Super Saiyan Pan

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