Future Trunks Blogs

How old is Future Trunks?
Future Trunks became an instant fan favourite when he sliced and diced Mecha Frieza in Dragon Ball Z. But the coolest thing about him is that he came from the Future! While our Trunks was just a baby, Future Trunks […]
What is Trunks new form?
You better not make a Saiyan angry… you won’t like them when they’re angry. But that’s exactly what Goku Black and Zamasu do to Future Trunks. And when he finally snaps, he discovers an all-new fricken transformation, but what is […]
Why is Trunks hair blue?
The Dragon Ball universe made a roaring comeback in 2015 with Dragon Ball Super. And with this new chapter in the lives of Goku and Co, we got the return of everyone’s favourite time-traveller, Future Trunks! He’d changed a lot, […]