How to do a Kamehameha

How to do a Kamehameha

Goku and Kamehameha…name a better duo! Although it took Master Roshi 50 years, not that long considering Roshi is over 300, to create the technique, it will only take you about 10 seconds to do it.

The Kamehameha produces an extremely powerful Ki Blast which is blue in colour and shares some of the same effects as a powerful jet of water, but it’s made of pure energy.

Before we go through the step by step guide on how to do a Kamehameha in real life, please remember to practice this technique outside, preferably away from surrounding people and buildings.

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How to do a Kamehameha Steps

Total Time: 1 Minute to learn
Tools Needed: Very basic understanding of KI.
Supply: Ki

  1. Put your hands in a double palm strike pose and point them towards your target.

    Goku Kamehameha hand double palm strike

    The first step of a real Kamehameha is facing your target, and aiming your vertical open palms at it. Your wrists should be touching and fingers spread apart.

  2. Place feet in a back stance.

    Goku Back Stance Kamehamehe

    The orthodox stance requires you to point your left foot towards the target and your right foot 90 Degrees from the target. The legs should be bent slightly and spread out slightly further than shoulder distance apart.

  3. Keep your eyes forward, twist your body clockwise and place hands behind you in one motion.

    Goku Kamehamha Pose

    Once your hands and feet are in place, keep your eyes on the target, rotate your body clockwise and move your hands clockwise, so they are below your right hip.

  4. Start chanting Ka Me Ha Me slowly and focus your energy.

    Goku Kamehameha Shout

    As you begin to rotate your body, you should start quietly chanting Ka Me. Then, when your body is turned, you should finish Ha Me. The slower and more intense you chant this, the more powerful your beam will be.

  5. Charge your energy until a large ball appears between your hands forcing them apart.

    Goku Kamehameha Charged

    You should be feeling the energy surge between your fingers as you complete the previous steps. At this stage is where you need to really focus your Ki in your hands and work on creating the Kamehameha ball of energy. You can keep charging it until you are happy with it.

  6. Shout “HA” and throw your hands forward.

    Goku Kamehameha Beam Launch

    To release the beam, you need to shout HA as loud as you can, rotate your body back anticlockwise and throw your hands forward, aiming at the target you previously lined up in step 1. A massive surge of energy should come from the energy ball you created, and you can hold this pose as long as you like until you get bored or run out of energy.

And that is how to do a Kamehameha!

However, during the heat of battle, you may be forced to improvise the technique and use…

Variations of the Kamehameha

This how-to was the standard way of doing the Kamehameha, however, there are many variations to the technique and it can be utilised in a variety of situations

Flying Kamehameha

You can perform the technique while flying, with all the steps applying apart from planting your feet.

Instant Transmission Kamehameha

This technique starts the same as the standard one, however, before step 5, releasing the beam, you transport to a new location before releasing. It may be converted from an Instant Transmission Kamehameha to a flying Kamehameha.

Rocket Jump Kamehameha

By launching the Kamehameha at the ground, you can lift yourself into the air using its force. Be warned if the blast is too powerful it will destroy the planet you are on.

One Armed Kamehameha

This variation follows all the same steps but just one hand. This is very useful if you only have one arm available!

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