Frieza - Fight Profile

Name: Frieza
Total Fights: 24
Wins 19
Losses 3
Draws 2
Other Names: Furīza, Lord Frieza
Race: Frieza Race
Gender: No Gender
Height: 5ft / 1.53 m
Year of Birth Age 730
Residence Frieza Force Ship

Fight Record - All Frieza Fights

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Result Opponent Location Show Age Info
Win Jiren Null Realm DBS 780

Goku/Vegeta/Android 17/Frieza v Jiren

| Universe Survival Saga - Frieza teamed up with Goku / Vegeta / Android 17 against Jiren in this fight.

Draw Top Null Realm DBS 780

Android 17/Frieza v Top

| Universe Survival Saga - Frieza teamed up with Android 17 against Top in this fight.

Win Dyspo Null Realm DBS 780

Frieza/Gohan v Dyspo

| Universe Survival Saga - Frieza teamed up with Gohan against Dyspo in this fight. Gohan sacroficed himself to elimate Dyspo, so we are giving the win to both Frieza and Gohan.

Win Agnilasa Null Realm DBS 780

Agnilasa v Goku/Vegeta/Gohan/Android 17/Android 18/Frieza/Jiren

| Universe Survival Saga - Frieza teamed up with Goku / Vegeta / Gohan / Android 17 / Android 18 / Jiren against Agnilasa in this fight.

Win Cabba Null Realm DBS 780

Frieza v Cabba

| Universe Survival Saga

Win Frost Null Realm DBS 780

Frieza/Gohan v Frost

| Universe Survival Saga - Frieza teamed up with Gohan against Frost in this fight.

Win Jimizu Null Realm DBS 780

Gohan/Frieza v Jimizu

| Universe Survival Saga - Frieza teamed up with Gohan against Jimizu in this fight.

Win Murichim Null Realm DBS 780

Frieza v Murichim

| Universe Survival Saga

Win Roselle Null Realm DBS 780

Frieza v Roselle

| Universe Survival Saga - Poor Roselle, threw himself of the stage rather than face Lord Frieza.

Win Napapa Null Realm DBS 780

Frieza v Napapa

| Universe Survival Saga

Win Catopesra Null Realm DBS 780

Frieza v Catopesra

| Universe Survival Saga

Win Assassins Earth DBS 780

Goku/Frieza v Assassins

| Universe Survival Saga - Frieza teamed up with Goku against Assassins in this fight.

Loss Goku Earth DBS 779

Goku v Frieza 3

| Golden Frieza Saga - Thanks to Whis's time travel feature Goku was able to blast Golden Frieza with a Kamehameha.

Win Vegeta Earth DBS 779

Vegeta v Frieza 2

| Golden Frieza Saga - Although Frieza was losing the fight he destroyed Earth and blew up Vegeta, so we count Frieza as the winner.

Draw Goku Earth DBS 779

Goku v Frieza 2

| Golden Frieza Saga - We call it a draw because Goku could have kept fighting after his Sensu bean but decided to let Vegeta have a turn.

Win Gohan Earth DBS 779

Gohan v Frieza

| Golden Frieza Saga

Loss Future Trunks Earth DBZ 764

Future Trunks v Frieza

| Trunks Saga

Loss Goku Namek DBZ 762

Goku v Frieza

| Frieza Saga

Win Vegeta Namek DBZ 762

Vegeta v Frieza

| Frieza Saga

Win Piccolo / Gohan / Krillin / Vegeta Namek DBZ 762

Piccolo/Gohan/Krillin/Vegeta v Frieza

| Frieza Saga

Win Vegeta / Gohan / Krillin Namek DBZ 762

Vegeta/Gohan/Krillin v Frieza

| Frieza Saga

Win Nail Namek DBZ 762

Nail v Frieza

| Captain Ginyu Saga

Win 99.99% of Saiyans Space DBZ 737

Frieza v 99.99% of Saiyans

| Frieza Saga - Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta with the same Ki attack that killed most of the Saiyans, including Goku's parents, Gine and Bardock.

Win King Vegeta Space DBZ 737

Frieza v King Vegeta

| Frieza Saga

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Fight Statistics

Show Fights Wins Wins % Loss Loss % Draw Draw %
Dragon Ball Z 8 6 75% 2 25% 0 0%
Dragon Ball Super 16 13 81% 1 6% 2 13%
All Shows 24 19 79% 3 13% 2 8%

Fighting Style

Frieza has spent years as the unchallenged strongest fighter in the Universe. As such he developed an extremely lazy fighting style, often relying on extremely powerful Ki Blasts to quickly destroy weaker enemies. Intially Frieza would rarely leave his hover chair to dispatch enemies, and has developed extremely power Ki techniques as a result.

However in the rare occasions when he wasn’t able to quickly blast his opponents Frieza would become frustrated very rapidly. He is very quick to lose his temper, and often loses his composure in fights that go on for longer than 1 minute. But he makes up for this is his massive power level, as he is one of the most naturally gifted fighters in the Universe.

Frieza may have a large amounts of raw power, but he never trains with it the way Goku trains with Super Saiyan, and so his vast power is often uncontrollable to him. This was case when fighting Goku both times, as he couldn’t control his natural form or Golden Frieza through lack of training.

Frieza is also an extremely dirty and merciless fighter, and has no problems using underhand tactics to win, when he can’t win fairly. He destroyed Namek rather than lose to Goku, attempted to destroy Earth when losing to Vegeta and tricked Frost, to eliminate him, in the Tournament of Power. And who can forget when he attacked Goku with God of Destruction energy when they were suppose to be allies.

Overall Frieza is extremely strong, has managed to keep pace with Goku, and if he trained more and focused more on improving his techniques he’d be a truly formidable fighter. But his ego is far to big, and often gets in the way of achieving his true potential. But Frieza is definitely someone you want on your team, rather than against you.

Signature Moves

  • Death Beam

    - This effortless attack sends a small violent purple beam from the users finger tip. Although it's a small it packs quite a punch, and is fatal to most characters not on Frieza's level. It was used to deliver the final blow to Vegeta on Namek, and was used to great tactical effect during the Tournament of Power to slow movement of Dyspo.

  • Death Ball

    - This move is started by creating an energy ball at the tip of his finger, and charging it for around 1 minute. Depending on how long you charge it, it can grow to several times taller than the user. When finally released its a slow moving behemoth which destroys all in it's path, whether it's people or planets. This was the move that wiped out most of the Saiyan race along with Planet Vegeta.

  • Death Saucer

    - Krillin should sue Frieza, because the Death Saucer is extremely similar to his Destruco disc. The key differences being that this razor sharp disk is purple, and can actually be controlled by it's user. Unfortunately for Frieza he tried to kill Goku with 2 of these, but they ended up cutting him in half.

  • Death Canon

    - This technique is the most similar to the Kamehameha Frieza has. A large purple beam of light is fired from Frieza's hand, with the other hand supporting the wrist. Perfect for beam struggles, and would give the Kamehameha and Galick Gun a run for their money.

All Transformations

  • Frieza Form 1 (Base Frieza)

    - This is Frieza's weakest form, which he uses to conserve energy. It is the shortest and most childlike of all his forms, but is still more powerful than 99.99% of lifeforms in the universe.

  • Frieza Form 2 (1st Transformation)

    - This is Frieza's largest form, as he grows in size massively and looks a lot like his father King Cold. Along with growing taller Frieza gets a nice power boost, which he needed to fight Piccolo.

  • Frieza Form 3 (2nd Trasformation)

    - Frieza pulled yet another transformation out of his bag of tricks while fighting Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo on Namek. It's shorter than his previous transformation but makes his face longer, like the Xenomorth from Alien, and gives him a nice power boost.

  • Frieza Final Form (3rd Transformation)

    - This is Frieza's natural form, how he was born. This form has so much power that Frieza was afraid to use this form, apart from under dire circumstances. This form loses the horns, gives him a smoother face and makes his body a nice mix of white and purple.

  • Frieza 100% Full Power

    - This form is like Frieza on steroids. His muscles get a lot bigger, along with his power level. This form is even harder to control though, and Frieza loses a lot of speed when he assumes it.

  • Frieza Mecha Frieza

    - This is a combination of Frieza's final form along with biomechanical enhancements that needed needed after his body was cut up on Namek. As well as the obvious robot parts on Frieza's body, this form also emits a cool electrical energy pulsating when Frieza powers up. This form is technically stronger than regular Final Frieza, but would be limiting to Frieza growing any stronger.

  • Frieza Golden Frieza

    - Frieza was famous for never training a day in his life. So when he actually started training wonderful things happened, and Frieza discovered a form he didn't know was possible. Similar in appearance to his final form, but covered in gold with patches of purple. This transformation is level with Super Saiyan Blue, and could even be stronger if Frieza were to train a little longer.

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