Frieza Blogs

Is Frieza a girl?
Despite being one the most feared rulers in the Universe, there’s no denying that Frieza is kind of effeminate by Earth Standards. This has led many a fan to question, is Frieza a girl? Frieza is not a girl. Frieza […]
Who killed Frieza?
Lord Frieza is the self-proclaimed greatest fighter in the universe. It must come as a massive blow to his enormous ego every time he ends up losing a battle or getting killed. Frieza has done his fair share of killing, […]
How did Frieza survive the Spirit Bomb?
After a gruelling battle on Namek between Frieza and Goku, it was clear Frieza was in a different league to Goku. No matter what new heights Vegeta and Goku reached Frieza was always several steps in front of them. Goku […]
How old is Frieza?
Frieza has always been an enigma. When the purplish androgenous evil supervillain first appeared in the Namek Saga fans everywhere wanted to know more. But unlike Humans, aliens are very hard to age correctly. Take Piccolo; for example, he was […]
What race is Frieza? – Frieza Race Names
Master Roshi is a Human, Piccolo is a Namekian, Goku is a Saiyan and Freiza is a… Stuck? Don’t worry, you are not alone. We know he has a father (King Cold) and brother of questionable canon status (Cooler) so […]