Broly Blogs

Is Broly stronger than Jiren?
Dragon Ball Super introduced the strongest fighter Goku and Vegeta ever faced; Jiren. And it also reintroduced the strongest Saiyan Goku and Vegeta ever face; Broly. But just what would happen if these two absolute monsters were to fight each […]
Why does Broly Hate Goku?
Although many fans wouldn’t have thought it possible, it seems there is someone who hates Goku more than Frieza and Vegeta combined. And that is fellow Saiyan Broly! But what on earth could the loveable rogue Goku have possibly done […]
How tall is Broly?
When asking how tall characters are, it’s generally a simple answer. But in the world of Dragon Ball, certain characters have the magical ability to change heights based on transformation. When Broly enters his Legendary Super Saiyan Wrathful state he […]
Why is Broly so strong?
Broly fans everywhere were ecstatic with the latest film where he moved from mere filler to legitimate Canon. And with this new canon status came his strongest form yet! No matter where in the timeline our Z heroes fight Broly, […]