Krillin Blogs

Can Destructo Disk cut anything?
Say what you want about Krillin’s fighting ability, there’s no denying that he brought us one of the most powerful Ki techniques in the Universe. Even though Goku and Frieza have done variations of the technique, there’s only one master […]
Super Saiyan Krillin – Is it possible?
When Krillin and Goku were young, they had similar power levels. Even on Namek, they weren’t too far apart, and Krillin could have probably caught up if he trained hard enough. But then Goku had to turn Super Saiyan and […]
Why did Android 18 Marry Krillin?
After the seven-year time skip between the Cell Saga and the Buu Saga we see our favourite Z fighter Krillin has a child…with Android 18! This left viewers worldwide shocked at how the short bald man child with dots on […]
How many times has Krillin died?
It takes courage to battle the likes of Frieza and Cell when you have as much power as Goku or Vegeta. But imagine picking the fights with the most formidable baddies in the universe when you are Krillin… Inevitably when […]
Why doesn’t Krillin have a nose?
Krillin has an excellent nose for trouble, which is ironic because he hasn’t really got a visible nose. We see him wear master Roshi’s glasses on occasion, which is a minor miracle because just what is holding them up? Does […]