How old is Krillin?

How old is Krillin?

Although the story of Dragon Ball mainly follows the life and times of our favourite Saiyan Goku, let’s not forget that our boy Krillin has been on the show from nearly the beginning. We’ve seen Krillin grow from a small boy to a small man, but because of his short size and his bald head, it can be hard to determine Krillin’s age, so we aim to answer the question comprehensively, how old is Krillin.

Krillin is 44 years old at the end of Dragon Ball Super. Krillin was 13 at the beginning of Dragon Ball and 25 at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

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How old is Krillin in Dragon Ball?

When we first meet him in Episode 14, “A rival appears”, Krillin is just 13 years old even though he looks a lot younger! Surprisingly he had a bald head back when he was a child, but this is because he shaved it rather than suffering from baldness.

How old was Krillin when he met Goku?

Krillin was just 13 years old when he first met Goku. Although they started off as rivals, they soon became best friends and still are to this day!

Is Krillin the same age as Goku?

No, Krillin and Goku are not the same age. Krillin is one year older than Goku. It’s a pretty small age difference though, and it probably explains why they are best friends. Find out how old Goku is in this article we wrote.

How old is Krillin in Dragon Ball Z?

Krillin is 25 years old at the start of Dragon Ball Z when Raditz comes to Kame house to kidnap Gohan. Dragon Ball Z takes place over many years, so by the end of the series, Krillin is 38 years old.

How old was Krillin when he married Android 18?

The happiest day of Krillin’s life, and no, we’re not talking about the time he got to wear Master Roshi’s sunglasses! We are talking about his wedding to Android 18, of course! Krillin was 34 years young when he tied the knot with Android 18.

How old was Krillin when he became a father?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Krillin with a baby carriage! Just a year after getting married, when Krillin was 35 years old, he fathered a child, namely Marron. The average age of first-time fathers nowadays is 33.6 years old, so Krillin is right on schedule!

How old is Krillin in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball takes place in the year Age 778, so Krillin is 42 years old at the start of DBS. DBS takes place over 2 years, so currently, Krillin is 44 years old, as of the Broly Saga.

How old is Krillin Dragon Ball GT?

It may not be Canon, but for those interested, Dragon Ball GT starts during Age 789. This makes Krillin 53 years old when Goku first gets turned into a child by the Black Star Dragon Balls.

Krillin’s Age Timeline by Major Events

To help you see how old Krillin was at certain key events, we’ve made you a handy table that shows his age along with the age of the major events that shaped the world of Dragon Ball.

Event Age Krillin’s Age
Krillin was Born 736 0
Dragon Ball starts 749 13
Goku defeats King Piccolo 753 17
Dragon Ball Z starts 761 25
Krillin travels to Namek 762 26
Gohan defeats Cell 767 31
Krillin marries Android 18 770 34
Marron is born 771 35
Goku defeats Majin Buu 774 38
Dragon Ball Super Starts 778 42
Android 17 wins tournament of Power 780 44

Further Reading – Great resource where they’ve put together all the dates and events through DB, DBZ, DBS and even DBGT. – The book that gives canon information on the various dates up to Dragon Ball Z.

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