Tien - Fight Profile

Name: Tien
Total Fights: 14
Wins 7
Losses 6
Draws 1
Other Names: Tien Shinhan, Tenshinhan, Tenszin
Race: Earthling
Gender: Male
Height: 187 cm / 6'2"
Year of Birth Age 733
Residence Tien-Shin Style Dojo
Creator Akira Toriyama

Fight Record - All Tien Fights

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Result Opponent Location Show Age Info
Win Prum / Dr. Rota / Harmira Null Realm DBS 780

Goku/Vegeta/Tien/Gohan/Piccolo v Prum/Dr. Rota/Harmira


Universe Survival Saga, Dragon Ball Super

- Tien teamed up with Goku / Vegeta / Gohan / Piccolo against Prum / Dr. Rota / Harmira in this fight.

Win Za Priccio Null Realm DBS 780

Master Roshi/Tien v Za Priccio


Universe Survival Saga, Dragon Ball Super

- Tien teamed up with Master Roshi against Za Priccio in this fight.

Win Dium Null Realm DBS 780

Gohan/Krillin/Piccolo/Tien/Master Roshi v Dium


Universe Survival Saga, Dragon Ball Super

- Tien teamed up with Gohan / Krillin / Piccolo / Master Roshi against Dium in this fight.

Draw Botamo / Lavender / Comfrey / Shosa / Dercori Null Realm DBS 780

Gohan/Piccolo/Tien/Krillin/Master Roshi v Botamo/Lavender/Comfrey/Shosa/Dercori


Universe Survival Saga, Dragon Ball Super

- Tien teamed up with Gohan / Piccolo / Krillin / Master Roshi against Botamo / Lavender / Comfrey / Shosa / Dercori in this fight.

Win Frieza Army Earth DBS 779

Gohan/Jaco/Piccolo/Master Roshi/Tien/Krillin v Frieza Army


Golden Frieza Saga, Dragon Ball Super

- Tien teamed up with Gohan / Jaco / Piccolo / Master Roshi / Krillin against Frieza Army in this fight.

Loss Beerus Earth DBS 778

Beerus v Majin Buu/Trunks/Goten/Android 18/Tien/Piccolo/Gohan/Vegeta


God of Destruction Beerus Saga, Dragon Ball Super

- Tien teamed up with Majin Buu / Trunks / Goten / Android 18 / Piccolo / Gohan / Vegeta against Beerus in this fight. If only Buu had shared the pudding then Beerus wouldn't have had to beat up so many Z Fighters, ruining Bulma's party.

Loss Cell Juniors Earth DBZ 767

Goku/Future Trunks/Piccolo/Vegeta/Krillin/Yamcha/Tien v Cell Juniors


Cell Games Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Tien teamed up with Goku / Future Trunks / Piccolo / Vegeta / Krillin / Yamcha against Cell Juniors in this fight. Even though Gohan interrupted the battle, it's clear most of the Z fighters were getting destroyed. If the fight had continued Krillin, Yamcha and Tien would have been killed quickly leaving the remaining Cell Juniors to gang up on the remaining fighters.

Loss Cell Earth DBZ 767

Tien v Cell


Imperfect Cell Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Tien did well to hold of Semi-Perfect Cell for so long with his Tri-Bean attack.

Loss Android 17 / Android 18 Earth DBZ 767

Vegeta/Future Trunks/Piccolo/Tien/Yamcha v Android 17/Android 18


Androids Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Tien teamed up with Vegeta / Future Trunks / Piccolo / Yamcha against Android 17 / Android 18 in this fight.

Loss Nappa Earth DBZ 762

Gohan/Tien/Piccolo/Krillin/Chiaotzu v Nappa


Vegeta Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Tien teamed up with Gohan / Piccolo / Krillin / Chiaotzu against Nappa in this fight. Nappa managed to wipe out Tien, Chatsou and Piccolo in this fight, leaving only Gohan and Krillin who were saved by Goku. A decisive victory for Nappa.

Win Saibamen Earth DBZ 762

Tien v Saibamen


Vegeta Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Tien manages to beat the first Saibaman quite easily on a 1 v 1. After Tien's victory Vegeta's blasts the poor green dude.

Loss Goku Earth DB 750

Goku v Tien 2


Tien Shinhan Saga, Dragon Ball

Win Goku Earth DB 750

Goku v Tien


Tien Shinhan Saga, Dragon Ball

- Final of The 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament,

Win Master Roshi Earth DB 750

Master Roshi v Tien


Emperor Pilaf Saga, Dragon Ball

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Fight Statistics

Show Fights Wins Wins % Loss Loss % Draw Draw %
Dragon Ball 3 2 67% 1 33% 0 0%
Dragon Ball Z 5 1 20% 4 80% 0 0%
Dragon Ball Super 6 4 67% 1 17% 1 17%
All Shows 14 7 50% 6 43% 1 7%

Who is Tien?

Tien is a human who was first introduced to us as an adversary to Goku but eventually befriends him and would go on to help defend the planet from attack countless times.

Tien was originally part of the Crane School of Martial Arts where he’d go on to meet his best friend Chiaotzu. At several points through the show he is the strongest human alive, and he generally would switch between the 1 and 2 spot with Krillin.

One of the more notable features of Tien is his 3rd Eye which is due to him being part of the Three-Eyed Clan. So although he’s technically a human, he has some wierd alien DNA in him that gives him his strange apperances.

Fighting Style

Tien was a student of the Crane School, which focused heavily on Ki based techniques. As such, Tien’s fighting style is heavily based on Ki Manipulation, and he has one of the most versatile Ki toolkits in all of Dragon Ball, from powerful blasts to defensive techniques like Solar Flare and MultiForm.

When it comes to training, Tien is one of the best work rates of anyone. He constantly keeps himself in fighting condition and is one of the few characters who kept himself battle-ready from Dragon Ball through to Dragon Ball Super, performing well in both early World Martial Arts Tournaments and the Tournament of Power.

Tien has also proven himself to be a brilliant teammate, and even though his power level became increasingly overshadowed by the likes of Vegeta and Goku, he still managed to show extreme bravery. He single-handedly held back Semi-Perfect Cell despite it meaning he would die, he was part of the last stand against Super Perfect Cell to help Gohan finish him off, and he tried to defeat Nappa despite only having one arm.

So it’s hard to criticise Tien as a warrior, as he is both tactically smart and brave. However, his biggest weakness is simply his lack of power. Unfortunately, Humans aren’t that strong in the DB universe, and there was always going to be a ceiling to what Tien could accomplish. But despite his Human limitations, he never stopped training and never stopped helping the Z warriors defend the Universe.

Signature Moves

  • Solar Flare

    - A defensive that produces a beam with the intensity of the sun, that temporarily blinds all who see it. The user does it by holding their hands to the sides of their face and shouting "SOLAR FLARE".

  • Tri-Beam

    - Tri-Beam is one of the most powerful attacks in DB, and allows the user to produce an attack many times stronger than it's users power level. The user creates a triangle shape with his thumbs and index fingers, then fires a powerful yellow beam which has to power to push back, however briefly, most characters.

  • Multi-Form

    - Tien can use this technique to split his body into 4 identical clones. Each clone has the same abilities as Tien, however they all have 1/4 of his power.


What is Tien's Win Loss Record?

Tien's Win Loss Record is 7 - 6.

How many fights has Tien been in?

Tien has been in around 14 fights

How many fights has Tien lost?

Tien has lost 6 fights

How many fights has Tien won?

Tien has won 7 fights

What race is Tien?

Tien is a Earthling

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