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Is Gohan stronger than Goku? – 3 times Gohan was stronger than Goku
Whether it’s playing basketball in the driveway or defending the Earth from Alien invasion, there always comes a time when the apprentice becomes the master, and the son becomes better than the father. For Gohan and Goku, though, the point […]
When does Gohan go Super Saiyan?
“Like Father like Son”, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, and “he’s a chip off the old block”. All sayings that could apply to the relationship between Gohan and Goku. Goku shocked the world by turning Super Saiyan […]
Why does Gohan wear glasses?
It’s no secret that Gohan is a massive bookworm. Throughout most his life Chi-Chi has made sure Gohan cracks the book, as well as cracking his knuckles. He didn’t need glasses as a child or teenager, but as an adult […]
Why is Gohan so weak?
When Dragon Ball Z finished Gohan was the strongest fighter on Earth. Through his latent natural ability and the ritual performed on him by Elder Kai, he had his ultimate form. He was stronger than Goku, Vegeta and Majin Buu. […]