How old is Gohan?

How old is Gohan?

Gohan was one of the most gifted child prodigies in Dragon Ball. At a very young age the young Saiyan was saving the planet from Aliens and Cyborg, so sometimes it can be hard to believe just how young Gohan is. But just how old is Gohan?

Gohan was born Age 757, making him 4 years old at the start of Dragon Ball Z and 23 years old at the End of Dragon Bal Super. But Gohan’s body is 24 at the end of DBS because of the time he spent in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

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How old is Gohan in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z takes place between Age 761 and 774, which makes him just 4 years old when we first meet him on Master Roshi’s island. Then by the end of Z, the battle-hardened Saiyan Gohan is still only 17 years old.

How old is Gohan on Namek?

Gohan was only 5 years old when he went to Namek to battle Frieza and try to find the Dragon Balls. The whole Namek/Frieza saga took place in Age 762. When I was 5 I still regularly wet my pants, so Gohan not wetting himself in the presence of Frieza is truly an accomplishment…I’m not sure Krillin can say the same thing!

How old is Gohan in the Android Saga?

By the time the Androids first make an appearance (Age 767) Gohan is just 10 years old. Chi-Chi is seen as the bad guy for trying to make him study instead of fighting, but at 10 years old, Gohan should probably be learning about state capitals instead of Ki techniques.

How old is Future Gohan?

Even though our Gohan is just 10 years old during the Android Saga, we get a glimpse into a possible future that Future Trunks describes to us. In a flashback, we see an adult version of Gohan who turns Super Saiyan but only has 1 arm. Future Gohan is 23 years old when we see him get killed by the Androids during Age 780.

How old is Gohan in the Cell Saga?

The thought of facing Cell for any human at any age would be terrifying enough. But Gohan was just 10 years old when he fights Cell. Imagine being 10, learning about fractions at school and then needing to go and fight a terrifying cyborg. For a 10-year-old, Gohan did pretty well learning how to go Super Saiyan 2 and blasting Cell to smithereens.

How old is Teen Gohan?

After Gohan successfully kills Cell, there is a 7-year time skip before Majin Buu makes an appearance. This means that Gohan is a moody 17-year-old kid when we see him as a teenager during Age 774. This is why we forgive Gohan for his blunder years identity, the Great Saiyaman.

How old is Gohan in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super takes place between Age 778 and Age 780. This means that Gohan starts the Battle of God saga aged 21, and fights in the Tournament of Power Saga aged 23. Even though he’s been through a lot, not to mention marrying Videl and having a daughter named Pan, it’s easy to forget he’s still just a very young man.

How old is Gohan in GT?

Yes, we know that GT isn’t canon anymore, but there are still fans of it out there. The events that kickstart Dragon Ball GT, namely the Pilaf gang using the Black Star Dragon Ball to wish Goku was a kid, take place Age 794. This makes Gohan 37 years old at the start of Dragon Ball GT. The series lasts

How old is Gohan – Final Thoughts

Gohan has been kicking butt from an early age. When Goku was getting beaten up by Raditz, 4-year-old Gohan was able to headbutt him into oblivion. Then he managed to spar and hold his own against Frieza at just 5 years old. He becomes the youngest ever Super Saiyan after training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Then he defeats the monster that is Cell at just 10 years old. It’s pretty remarkable just how young Gohan is throughout the series and how powerful he is. However, like many child prodigies who achieve excellence at an early age, they can get burnt out. Take Piccolo, for example; he was only 3 when he first fights Goku, then fades into power level obscurity. Gohan needs to remember life is a marathon, not a sprint!

Massive thanks to the fine people at Dragon Ball Fandom and their Dragon Ball Timeline for all of the dates, and thank you to excel for helping me calculate the ages!

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