Cell - Fight Profile

Name: Cell
Total Fights: 14
Wins 11
Losses 1
Draws 2
Other Names:
Race: Bio-Android
Gender: No Gender
Height: 7'0" 213 cm
Year of Birth Age 786
Residence Nomad

Fight Record - All Cell Fights

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Result Opponent Location Show Age Info
Loss Gohan Earth DBZ 767

Gohan v Cell 2

| Cell Games Saga - Gohan turned Super Saiyan 2 and was so powerful Cell decided to self-destruct. Cell then came back and was defeated by a father son Kamehameha.

Win Android 16 Earth DBZ 767

Android 16 v Cell 2

| Cell Games Saga

Draw Gohan Earth DBZ 767

Gohan v Cell

| Cell Games Saga

Win Goku Earth DBZ 767

Goku v Cell

| Cell Games Saga - Goku threw in the towel in this fight so the victory goes to Cell.

Win Mr Satan Earth DBZ 767

Mr Satan v Cell

| Cell Games Saga

Win Future Trunks Earth DBZ 767

Future Trunks v Cell 2

| Perfect Cell Saga

Win Vegeta Earth DBZ 767

Vegeta v Cell 2

| Perfect Cell Saga

Win Krillin / Android 16 / Android 18 / Future Trunks Earth DBZ 767

Krillin/Android 16/Android 18/Future Trunks v Cell

| Perfect Cell Saga

Win Future Trunks Earth DBZ 767

Future Trunks v Cell

| Perfect Cell Saga

Win Vegeta Earth DBZ 767

Vegeta v Cell

| Perfect Cell Saga

Win Tien Earth DBZ 767

Tien v Cell

| Imperfect Cell Saga - Tien did well to hold of Semi-Perfect Cell for so long with his Tri-Bean attack.

Win Android 16 Earth DBZ 767

Android 16 v Cell

| Imperfect Cell Saga - Cell absorbed Andoid 17 halfway through this fight, then blasted Android 16 easily.

Win Piccolo / Android 17 Earth DBZ 767

Piccolo/Android 17 v Cell

| Imperfect Cell Saga

Draw Piccolo Earth DBZ 767

Piccolo v Cell

| Imperfect Cell Saga

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Fight Statistics

Show Fights Wins Wins % Loss Loss % Draw Draw %
Dragon Ball Z 14 11 79% 1 7% 2 14%

Fighting Style

Cell was tailor made by Dr Gero to be a lean mean fighting machine, and specifically to kill Goku. Dr Gero maybe did too good of a job of this as the result was a perfect fighter who was far to arrogant for his own good. Even though Cell had all the tools to be the greatest fighter alive, he sadly squandered them and lost an extremely winnable fight against Gohan.

Even though we never see Cell training, he definitely puts the hard work in to achieve his goals. In his weakened state he absorbed hundreds of humans, and then was able to absorb Androids 17 and 18 to achieve perfection. So we can tell Cell is extremely resourceful and cunning, and is determined to get what he wants.

In terms of fighting style Cell can really do it all. He’s got the best move selection of any fighter, as he inherited the Z fighers moves. With Goku’s Kamehameha, Krillins Destructo Disk, Piccolos regeneration ect, he has the arsenal to do some serious damage, and he uses it to devastating effect.

Cell also has the physical attributes and speed to be able to go toe-to-toe with any fighter in hand to hand combat. With a high fight IQ as well, Cell is pretty much the ultimate warrior as he likes to tell everyone.

But even with all of these advantages and innate ability, Cell was lacking the one thing he needed to truly be great. Humility. Cell showed a ridiculous amount of Hubris, and felt that he was so far ahead of his opponents he could waste time, make jokes and taunt his opponents.

Signature Moves

  • Kamehameha

    - Stolen from Goku, Cell has his very own version of the Kamehameha. Like the original it's charged with hands behind his back and then released while shouting Kamehameha. A powerful beam is then launched from the hands.

  • Solar Flare

    - This technique is borrowed from Tien. By stretching his fingers next to his face and shouting Solar Flare a blinding light with the intensity of the sun is blasted to all in the vicinity. The perfect defensive move, gives the user enough time to slink away or even perform a counter attack.

  • Absorption

    - Cell's tail isn't just for show, it can also be used with deadly effect. By sticking the pointy end in one of his victims he can suck the life force from them leaving on their clothes on the floor. He also uses this technique to fully power up to perfect cell by absorbing Android 17 and Android 18.

  • Telekinesis

    - As if Cell didn't have enough super powers, he also has Chiaotzu telekinesis. Cell is able to move, even heavy, objects with his mind. His best use of this was probably construction the Cell Games arena from a big block of stone.

  • Death Beam

    - This technique is borrow from Cell, and no Dragon Ball Z villain seems complete without it. By pointing his finger at his target and concentrating his Ki, Cell can launch a thin, yet powerful, beam with great destructive power. One of the notable victims of this attack was Future Trunks.

  • Regeneration

    - While this technique is borrow from Piccolo, it's also vastly more powerful than Piccolo's regeneration ever was. From a single Cell, Cell can regenerate his entire body. So even when Vegeta blasted his top half off he could regenerate. The only time he couldn't do this technique was against the mighty father son kamehameha.

All Transformations

  • Cell Imperfect (First Form)

    - Cell's first and weakest form. His voice and appearance is more buy than his other forms. To increase his power level he needs to suck the lifeforce out of humans using his tail.

  • Cell Semi-Perfect (Second Form)

    - After absorbing Android 17 Cell became Semi-Perfect. He loses some of his reptilian apperance and voice, and gets bulkier muscles. Although he's stronger than a regular Saiyan, he was no match for Vegeta as an ascended Saiyan.

  • Cell Perfect

    - After absorbing Android 17 and 18, Cell considers himself complete. His face takes on a human apperance, while still retaining a human/reptilian hybrid body. Perfect Cell becomes so strong he can easily beat any Super Saiyan's easily.

  • Cell Super Perfect

    - After Semi-Perfect Cell exploded he received a zenkai boost, and gained even more power, making him roughly equal to a Super Saiyan 2. His appearance is the same as Perfect Cell, but with the Super Saiyan 2 blue lightning surrounding his aura.

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