Goten - Fight Profile

Name: Goten
Total Fights: 7
Wins 2
Losses 5
Draws 0
Other Names: Son Goten
Race: Saiyan/Earthling
Gender: Male
Height: 4'0" / 123cm
Year of Birth Age 767
Residence 439 East District
Creator Akira Toriyama

Fight Record - All Goten Fights

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Result Opponent Location Show Age Info
Loss Beerus Earth DBS 778

Beerus v Majin Buu/Trunks/Goten/Android 18/Tien/Piccolo/Gohan/Vegeta


God of Destruction Beerus Saga, Dragon Ball Super

- Goten teamed up with Majin Buu / Trunks / Android 18 / Tien / Piccolo / Gohan / Vegeta against Beerus in this fight. If only Buu had shared the pudding then Beerus wouldn't have had to beat up so many Z Fighters, ruining Bulma's party.

Loss Majin Buu Time Chamber DBZ 774

Goten/Trunks v Majin Buu 2


Fusion Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Goten teamed up with Trunks against Majin Buu in this fight. Goten and Trunks fused together again and fought Buu as Super Saiyan 1/2/3 Gotenks

Loss Majin Buu Earth DBZ 774

Goten/Trunks v Majin Buu


Fusion Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Goten teamed up with Trunks against Majin Buu in this fight. Goten and Trunks fused together and fought Buu as Base Gotenks

Loss Android 18 Earth DBZ 774

Goten/Trunks v Android 18


World Tournament Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Goten teamed up with Trunks against Android 18 in this fight. The fight was pretty close, but Goten and Trunks ran away after Android 18 chopped their costume in half, so we give her the win.

Win Killa Earth DBZ 774

Goten/Trunks v Killa


World Tournament Saga, Dragon Ball Z

- Goten teamed up with Trunks against Killa in this fight. Trunks and Goten were disguised as Mighty Mask.

Loss Trunks Earth DBZ 774

Goten v Trunks


World Tournament Saga, Dragon Ball Z

Win Ikose Earth DBZ 774

Goten v Ikose


World Tournament Saga, Dragon Ball Z

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Fight Statistics

Show Fights Wins Wins % Loss Loss % Draw Draw %
Dragon Ball Z 6 2 33% 4 67% 0 0%
Dragon Ball Super 1 0 0% 1 100% 0 0%
All Shows 7 2 29% 5 71% 0 0%

Who is Goten?

Goten is the youngest son of our favourite Saiyan, Son Goku and his wife Chi-Chi. Other family members include his big brother Gohan, his step-sister Videl and his niece Pan. Also you could also argue Goten has the mighty Mr Satan as a family member, but we’re not sure what you’d call a brother’s wife’s father.

Being a half-Saiyan / half-human hybrid he is a very powerful warrior for his age, and learnt how to become Super Saiyan at just seven years old. While Goten didn’t really have any great battles by himself, when he fused with fellow half-Saiyan Trunks to become Gotenks, he was able to turn Super Saiyan 3, and give Majin Buu a good run for his money.

Fighting Style

Goten is a child for all of Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball Super, and hasn’t really been in that many perilous situations. If we compare Goten to his brother Gohan, he faced down Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta and Frieza before he hit puberty, while Goten only really faced Majin Buu, and that was with a lot of help from Piccolo and Trunks. As a result, Goten isn’t a very serious fighter and so has a pretty relaxed and goofy fighting style.

When it comes to training, Goten has certainly put the hours in, as it’s impossible to become Super Saiyan without training at a superhuman level. But Goten views training as more of a game than a life or death vocation, unlike Goku and Vegeta, who did their best training when their backs were against the wall. And in terms of his sparring partners, we don’t think Chi-Chi would have been able to teach Goten that much. Luckily he had Gohan to train him, but Gohan also had his own life to get on with and probably didn’t train him that vigorously. Goten’s strongest training was probably with Piccolo alongside Trunk when training for Majin Buu.

Goten’s fighting style is modelled after Gohan’s hybrid style of Turtle School and Piccolo School martial arts. So from an early age, he’d have a good grounding in hand-to-hand combat and Ki techniques after being trained by Gohan. Being born many decades after Goku, Goten would have benefited from the combined knowledge that the Z fighters had to gain bit by bit. So things like Ki sensing, power level manipulation, flying, and Super Saiyan should be 2nd nature to someone like Goten, which should theoretically give him an edge over other fighters. However, Goten is still really young and hasn’t been fully battle-tested, but if his brother Gohan is anything to go by, and his non-canon counterpart in Dragon Ball GT, then Goten likely won’t reach the potential his Saiyan DNA is capable of.

Signature Moves

  • Kamehameha

    - A trademark of the Son family at this point, the mighty Kamehameha fires a powerful blue beam that is capable of producing a force many times stronger than it's user. We don't know who taught Goten the Kamehameha but we see him use it against Trunks in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

  • Fusion Dance

    - Goten rarely fights battles by himself, and often uses the Fusion Dance technique with his buddy Trunks, to transform into the powerful warrior known as Gotenks. By doing a series of dance moves in perfect unison and keeping their power levels identical, Goten and Trunks can fuse together for a maximum of 30 minutes, greatly a fighter more powerful than the sum of their parts.

All Transformations

  • Goten Super Saiyan (SSJ)

    - Goten is the youngest ever Saiyan to achieve Super Saiyan. This legendary transformation gives the user a luminous yellow glow and turns their hair bright yellow. As well as this there is a massive power multiplier, but because Base Goten is so weak, he isn't that formidable, even as a Super Saiyan.


What is Goten's Win Loss Record?

Goten's Win Loss Record is 2 - 5.

How many fights has Goten been in?

Goten has been in around 7 fights

How many fights has Goten lost?

Goten has lost 5 fights

How many fights has Goten won?

Goten has won 2 fights

What race is Goten?

Goten is a Saiyan/Earthling

What does the name Goten mean?

Similar to his Father Goku's name, Goten essentially is a combination of Go (Meaning he who understands) and Ten (which means Heaven). So Goten's name means he who understands heaven, as opposed to Goku's who's name means he who understands the Sky. Goten follows the long line of male Son family members beginning their name with the prefix Go, just like Grandpa Gohan, Goku, Gohan, and now Goten.

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