Chi-Chi - Fight Profile

Chi-Chi  Profile Picture
Wins 1
Losses 3
Draws 0
Name: Chi-Chi
Chichi, Chi Chi
Total Fights: 4
Greatest Allies Goku, Gohan, Goten
Worst Enemies
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4" / 163cm
Year of Birth Age 737
Residence 439 East District
Creator Akira Toriyama

Fight Record - All Chi-Chi Fights

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Result Opponent Location Show Age Info
Loss Goku Black Earth DBS 779

Goku/Goten/Chi-Chi v Goku Black


"Future" Trunks Saga, Dragon Ball Super

- Chi-Chi teamed up with Goku / Goten against Goku Black in this fight.

Loss Goku Earth DB 756

Goku v Chi-Chi


Piccolo Jr. Saga, Dragon Ball

Loss Yamcha Earth DB 749

Chi-Chi v Yamcha


Emperor Pilaf Saga, Dragon Ball

Win Purple Dinosaur Earth DB 749

Chi-Chi v Purple Dinosaur


Emperor Pilaf Saga, Dragon Ball

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Chi-Chi Blogs

Fight Statistics

Show Fights Wins Wins % Loss Loss % Draw Draw %
Dragon Ball 3 1 33% 2 67% 0 0%
Dragon Ball Super 1 0 0% 1 100% 0 0%
All Shows 4 1 25% 3 75% 0 0%

Who is Chi-Chi?

Chi-Chi is the wife of our favourite hero Goku, and mother to two of the most powerful warriors on the planet, Gohan and Goten. She first met Goku early on in Dragon Ball when they were little children, and she was the Princess of Fire Mountain. Fast forward several years and Chi-Chi is competing in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament against Goku, and even though she lost the fight, she won Goku’s heart and would marry him shortly after!

In Dragon Ball Z, Chi-Chi is seen as the ultimate killjoy for making Gohan focus on his academic studies rather than his fighting ability. But it’s not easy being married to the world worst husband, and Chi-Chi is constantly put in awkward positions, having to watch her family and friends in mortal danger.


What is Chi-Chi's Win Loss Record?

Chi-Chi's Win Loss Record is 1 - 3.

How many fights has Chi-Chi been in?

Chi-Chi has been in around 4 fights

How many fights has Chi-Chi lost?

Chi-Chi has lost 3 fights

How many fights has Chi-Chi won?

Chi-Chi has won 1 fights

What race is Chi-Chi?

Chi-Chi is a Human

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