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Does Jiren have Ultra Instinct?
Jiren is one powerful dude. That’s just a matter of public record at this point. He was able to absolutely destroy Super Saiyan Blue Kaio Ken X20 Goku without breaking a sweat. We then saw Ultra Instinct Goku get a […]
How old is Future Trunks?
Future Trunks became an instant fan favourite when he sliced and diced Mecha Frieza in Dragon Ball Z. But the coolest thing about him is that he came from the Future! While our Trunks was just a baby, Future Trunks […]
Why was Raditz so weak?
Raditz burst onto the scene in Dragon Ball Z, catching everyone’s attention when he knocked out both Krillin and Goku in just one hit each. When the gang encountered Raditz, he was the strongest warrior they’d battled, but it only […]
How Strong is Pikkon?
When you think of great character introductions in Dragon Ball Z, you think of Future Trunks slicing up Frieza or Beerus one punching SSJ3 Goku. But Pikkon destroying Super Perfect Cell with 2 punches just after Cell defeated Goku was […]
Is Pikkon Canon?
Pikkon certainly made an impression on the audience when he appeared in Dragon Ball Z. He was able to one-shot Super Perfect Cell when Goku had just lost a fight against the weaker form Perfect Cell. But every time a […]
How old is Piccolo?
As many of you probably suspected, Piccolo isn’t human! A big giveaway is his green skin and pointy ears! But that’s not the only difference between humans and Namekians in Dragon Ball. Namekians mature a lot quicker than humans, meaning […]
What Episode does Bulma meet Vegeta?
Compared to the great love stories of the ages, such as Romeo and Juliet or Beyonce and JayZ, Vegeta and Bulma have one of the least romantic or fairy tale relationships ever. But there’s no doubt that if “How I […]
Can Beerus use Ultra Instinct?
We all know that Beerus is one powerful dude! I mean, you don’t get to be God of Destruction without some serious firepower. He was able to beat Goku without breaking a sweat and would still be able to beat […]
Is Dragon Ball Heroes Canon?
Super Dragon Ball Heroes hit the scene in 2018, just after Dragon Ball Super stopped releasing anime episodes. At first glance, fans were jubilant that Dragon Ball Super was continuing, but on closer inspection, it seems like it wasn’t continuing […]
When does Vegeta go Super Saiyan?
After that fateful day on Namek, where Goku became the first Saiyan to turn Super Saiyan in a thousand years, we all knew it wouldn’t be long until the Prince of Saiyans himself, Vegeta, turned Super Saiyan as well. But […]