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How old is Gohan?
Gohan was one of the most gifted child prodigies in Dragon Ball. At a very young age the young Saiyan was saving the planet from Aliens and Cyborg, so sometimes it can be hard to believe just how young Gohan […]
How Strong is Golden Frieza?
Frieza is one of the naturally strongest fighters in the Universe. This is even more remarkable considering for years and years; he never trained a day in his life! That is, of course, until he was humbled by Goku and […]
Who was the first Super Saiyan?
Any fans watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid will remember the buzz and excitement around Super Saiyan during the Namek Saga. But no one knew if it existed, as apparently there hadn’t been one for a thousand years. Since […]
When does Dragon Ball Super take place?
After almost two decades with no new Dragon Ball anime, fans were jubilant the world over when Dragon Ball Super was first released in 2015. While we’d had an IRL time skip of 2 decades, the characters of Dragon Ball […]
Gotenks – Top 10 Questions answered about Gotenks from Dragon Ball Z
Who doesn’t love the brash young, arrogant half-Saiyan named Gotenks? Even in the face of extreme adversity, namely Majin Buu, he still finds time to crack wise and troll everyone. But as popular as Gotenks is, he’s still a bit […]
Who Kills Cell in Dragon Ball Z?
Cell was the most formidable warrior the Z fighters had faced to date. He was built from the ground up by Dr Gero to combine the greatest elements from the greatest of Earths warriors, including Piccolo’s regenerative abilities turned up […]
How old is Vegeta?
The mighty Prince of the Saiyans has certainly had an interesting life thus far, with his body going through a lot of wear and tear. But due to those Saiyan genetics that prevents Saiyans from showing their age, it’s hard […]
Who defeated Majin Buu?
Majin Buu had been the scourge of the universe for thousands of years. Even when fighting the all-powerful Kai’s, they weren’t able to actually defeat him; they just sealed him away in his big pink ball. Then when Babidi reanimated […]
What is Cell Jr’s power level?
Just when you thought one Cell was bad enough, he reveals a new power and gives birth to 7 Cell Jrs. Don’t let their name fool you. These are some tricky little guys and manage to beat up most of […]
When does Vegeta turn good?
Vegeta has been a good guy for so long it’s easy to forget that he was once a bad guy. He spent his youth committing genocide and even came to Earth to destroy it. But fast forward to Dragon Ball […]