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Is Goku Stronger than….? 52 characters we compare to Goku! Ultimate Guide
It’s fair to say Goku absolute loves a scrap! There’s nothing he likes more than testing his strength against new opponents to see how strong they are compared to him. Unfortunately there’s only so many fights Goku can have due […]
All Symbols on Goku's gi Master Roshi Symbol King Kai Symbol Goku Kanjia Whis Signature
All of Goku’s Gi Symbols Explained
Goku is famous for his bright orange outfit, which is known in Japan and Martial Arts circles as a Gi. And for those eagle-eyed Dragon Ball watchers, you’ll notice throughout the series he has different symbols on the front and […]
What is Android 16's Real Name
What is Android 16’s Real Name?
One of the scariest things about the Androids were that they looked like regular people, but with the physical and mental capacity to destroy entire cities on a whim! And it turns out some Androids used to be humans, and […]
What Universe is Goku from?
What Universe is Goku from?
Until Dragon Ball Super came about, things were relatively straightforward when it came to Universes in Dragon Ball. Not including the odd bit of time travelling, there was just one Universe in which everyone lived. But Dragon Ball Super threw […]
Is Krillin stronger than Tien
Is Krillin Stronger than Tien?
While the causal Dragon Ball fans want to know who is stronger out of Goku and Vegeta, the hardcore Dragon Ball fans ask the important questions, like is Krillin Stronger than Tien? Krillin is stronger than Tien for some of […]
Whis Making Wish WIth Super Shenron
What did Beerus wish for?
There’s no rivalry quite like a sibling rivalry, apart from maybe between Goku and Vegeta! And we get to see the sibling rivalry of Beerus the Destroyer and his brother Champa the Destroyer play out in the Dragon Ball Super […]
Can Jiren Use Ultra Instinct
Does Jiren have Ultra Instinct?
Jiren is one powerful dude. That’s just a matter of public record at this point. He was able to absolutely destroy Super Saiyan Blue Kaio Ken X20 Goku without breaking a sweat. We then saw Ultra Instinct Goku get a […]
How Old Is Future Trunks
How old is Future Trunks?
Future Trunks became an instant fan favourite when he sliced and diced Mecha Frieza in Dragon Ball Z. But the coolest thing about him is that he came from the Future! While our Trunks was just a baby, Future Trunks […]
Why is Raditz so weak?
Why was Raditz so weak?
Raditz burst onto the scene in Dragon Ball Z, catching everyone’s attention when he knocked out both Krillin and Goku in just one hit each. When the gang encountered Raditz, he was the strongest warrior they’d battled, but it only […]
How Strong Is Pikkon?
How Strong is Pikkon?
When you think of great character introductions in Dragon Ball Z, you think of Future Trunks slicing up Frieza or Beerus one punching SSJ3 Goku. But Pikkon destroying Super Perfect Cell with 2 punches just after Cell defeated Goku was […]