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What is Cell Jr’s power level?
Just when you thought one Cell was bad enough, he reveals a new power and gives birth to 7 Cell Jrs. Don’t let their name fool you. These are some tricky little guys and manage to beat up most of […]
When does Vegeta turn good?
Vegeta has been a good guy for so long it’s easy to forget that he was once a bad guy. He spent his youth committing genocide and even came to Earth to destroy it. But fast forward to Dragon Ball […]
How many Dragon Ball games are there?
It only makes sense that the Greatest Anime Series has produced some of the greatest video games ever. Dragon Ball video games have given countless children and adults countless hours of fun. There’s seems like an unlimited supply of these […]
8 Fun Facts about Gogeta from Dragon Ball
One of the coolest things to come out of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie was the introduction of the fused Saiyan Gogeta. He is a combination of both Goku and Vegeta after they successfully perform the Metamoran Fusion Dance […]
Is Broly stronger than Jiren?
Dragon Ball Super introduced the strongest fighter Goku and Vegeta ever faced; Jiren. And it also reintroduced the strongest Saiyan Goku and Vegeta ever face; Broly. But just what would happen if these two absolute monsters were to fight each […]
Top 10 Questions about Chi Chi from Dragon Ball Answered
Chi-Chi is the long-suffering wife of our favourite absentee father and husband Goku. They say behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes, and how Chi-Chi hasn’t murdered Goku by now is anyone’s guess. Chi Chi has been […]
Is Gohan stronger than Goku? – 3 times Gohan was stronger than Goku
Whether it’s playing basketball in the driveway or defending the Earth from Alien invasion, there always comes a time when the apprentice becomes the master, and the son becomes better than the father. For Gohan and Goku, though, the point […]
Why is Piccolo so weak?
Piccolo is yet another enemy turned friend for the Z fighters. When he was enemies with Goku, he gave him some good fights but was ultimately overpowered. When he teamed up with Goku, he helped him a little bit but […]
Is Bardock canon?
Bardock is the father of our favourite Hero Goku. Sadly, Goku never got to meet his Dad, as that tyrant Frieza blew up planet Vegeta along with most of the Saiyans. We, the viewer, get to see a bit of […]
What is Mr Satan’s (Hercules) Power Level?
Now listen here, you Peasants. Mr Satan is the strongest martial arts fighter in the universe. He is the mighty World Champion. He doesn’t need tricks and lights to look good, unlike those so-called Super Saiyans. He uses his superior […]