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How Fast is Goku
How Fast is Goku?
Goku is not just one of the strongest characters in the DB Universe; he is also one of the fastest! From dancing across battlefields to avoid laser beams to travelling halfway across the universe in a blink of an eye, […]
What Universe is Jiren from?
What Universe is Jiren from?
Dragon Ball Super taught us that there are multiple universes in the lore of Dragon Ball. And with those new universes came new, even more, powerful foes, the likes of which the Z Fighters have never encountered before. And one […]
Vegeta Hairline – Explained
Dragon Ball is a series known for its oddball character design, with each character having bizarre yet defining traits. Krillin has his shiny cueball head, Goku has his goofy poofy hair, and Vegeta has his famous widow peak hairline! We […]
What if Krillin killed Vegeta?
What if Krillin killed Vegeta?
One of the defining moments in Vegeta’s life was when he came to Earth and was beaten black and blue by the combined efforts of Goku, Krilin, Gohan and, of course, Yajirobe. While Vegeta lay there half-dead attempting to escape […]
What episode does the tournament of power start
What episode does the Tournament of Power start?
The Tournament of Power’s one of the highest stakes battles in all of Dragon Ball. It’s also one of the battles that take up the most episodes despite only lasting 48 minutes in-universe, similar to when Frieza said Namek would […]
How old is Goten
How old is Goten?
Goten is one of the youngest members of the Z fighters, and was only born halfway through Dragon Ball Z. He also seems to have not aged at all since he and Trunks took on Majin Buu making it very […]
Is Broly Canon?
Is Broly Canon?
Broly has been a fan-favourite character ever since he debuted in 1993 with his very own feature-length movie titled Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan. However, Broly had never actually appeared in any of the Dragon Ball […]
How did Zamasu get Goku's Body
How did Zamasu get Goku’s Body
When Goku Black first appeared audience were shocked everywhere at the vile and horrible things he had done according to Future Trunks. So fans were slightly relieved to learn that Goku had body swapped by Zamasu, and it wasn’t actually […]
How Strong is Supreme Kai Shin?
How strong is Supreme Kai?
The World Martial Arts tournament brings all sorts of wild and wacky characters out of the woodwork for our favourite Z warriors to fight. And during the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament in Dragon Ball Z, a mysterious man known […]
How old is Android 18
How old is Android 18?
Everyone loves Android 18. And by everyone, I mean Krillin, and by loves, I mean is scared off of. But surprisingly little is known about her, and we know absolutely nothing about her pre-Dr Gero turning her into an Android. […]