How tall is Broly?

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When asking how tall characters are, it’s generally a simple answer. But in the world of Dragon Ball, certain characters have the magical ability to change heights based on transformation. When Broly enters his Legendary Super Saiyan Wrathful state he gets noticeably taller, and his muscles get incredibly bulky. But just how tall is Broly in all his forms.

Normal Broly is around 6′ 1” / 185cm but he grows to 9’10” / 300cm tall when he enters his Wrathful state.

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How tall is Regular size Broly?

Even when Broly isn’t suffering from roid rage, he is still noticeably taller than both Goku and Vegeta.

We know what Goku is 5′ 9” and judging by the screenshot from Dragon Ball Super: Broly we estimate Broly to be 6’1” when compared to Lord Frieza who is a mere 5”.

Noone related to Dragon Ball has released an official height for normal Broly.

Luckily we got a screenshot of Broly just standing level with another main character, Frieza, so our guess isn’t perfect, but we think we are pretty damn close.

How tall is Wrathful Broly?

Not since Frieza have we witnessed such a gargantuan size transformation bring him up to a massive 9’10” / 300cm.

With Frieza, it was an actual transformation, so it made sense, but Broly appears to goes Super Sized due to his unholy amount of ki.

Seeing such a massive transformation is one of the uniques things we loved about Broly until we met Kefla in her Wrathful state.

Below is a screenshot from the latest movie showing Broly up close and personal with Gogeta.

Dragon Ball Super may be on a hiatus right now, but we hope to see more of Broly whenever it returns. Maybe we’ll get some more official info on the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, but until then it’s screenshots and headcanon for his regular height 😀