Why is Broly so strong?

Why is Broly so strong?

Broly fans everywhere were ecstatic with the latest film where he moved from mere filler to legitimate Canon.

And with this new canon status came his strongest form yet! No matter where in the timeline our Z heroes fight Broly, he is usually a few steps ahead of them and has continuously proven himself to be a mighty foe.

But why is Broly so strong?

Broly is so strong because he is a mutant Saiyan, making him more powerful than the already powerful average Saiyan. He can also tap into a Wrathful state to unlock more powerful Saiyan transformations.

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Superior Mutant Genetics

Goku is living proof that it doesn’t matter how strong you are as a baby, Saiyans seem to have an almost limitless potential providing they work hard enough.

But at the same time, some people are born strong and stay strong with no other explanation then they were born that way.

Frieza is another mutant who randomly was born with immense power. The early films gave Broly a power level of 10,000 at birth, which Goku wouldn’t accomplish until adulthood.

This tells us just how powerful he is. When you are stronger than every single earthling during the first Dragon Ball anime, this tells us that he was born this way.

Super Saiyan Rage

There is a clear relationship between Saiyans and rage.

To first become a Super Saiyan, you need to have a negative emotional event happen to you (Unless you are Goten and need to be hit by your mother…).

Several times throughout the series getting a Saiyan mad like Gohan V Cell or Trunks V Fused Zamasu unleashed hell. Therefore a logical extension of this is the angrier you become, the stronger you become as a Saiyan.

Broly has some serious psychological issues and a hair-trigger temper, which makes him very reckless and unstable, but damn, it gives him a lot of power.

There are several different rage based transformations, and fans seem to be calling it his ‘Wrathful State’.

Why he’s stronger than Goku

We saw in the latest film Dragon Ball Super: Broly that Goku and Vegeta had to finally will Gogeta into Canon status just to stand toe to toe with Broly. Goku by himself didn’t stand a chance unless he used Ultra Instinct.

The fact is Goku is not an angry person. Sure he has his moments, but peak angry Goku was probably against Frieza on Namek. Goku just isn’t angry enough to tap into a ‘Wrathful State’, so will never be able to match someone like Broly for raw power. Goku instead needs to find alternative routes to power like through God Ki or Ultra Instinct.

So a combination of Broly’s natural gifts and bad temper means he’s likely always to be stronger than Goku’s base/standard transformations.

So what more can be said about Broly? He’s a genetic freak who came to the DB canon universe to kick ass and chew Sensu beans, and Korin’s all out of beans. We loved the set up at the end of the most recent film and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Legendary Super Saiyan.

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