Why did Android 18 Marry Krillin?

Why did Android 18 Marry Krillin?

After the seven-year time skip between the Cell Saga and the Buu Saga we see our favourite Z fighter Krillin has a child…with Android 18! This left viewers worldwide shocked at how the short bald man child with dots on his forehead managed to land himself the Femme Fatale Android 18. Sure we saw Android 18 peck Krillin on the cheek when they first met, but why did Android 18 marry Krillin at all?

Android 18 married Krillin because she fell in love with him due to his kindness to her, not deactivating her and using a Dragon Ball wish to remove the bomb inside her. Krillin is also actually a massive catch, and Android 18 is lucky to be married to him.

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Krillin is a knight in shining orange armour.

Android 18 didn’t have a very happy upbringing. At some point in her life we know her and her brother, Android 17, were kidnapped by Dr Gero and turned in to cyborgs against their will.

So the first person she meets in years who shows her any sympathy or kindness is Krillin. He had a remote control to kill her, which he refused to use.

He made the gang use a Dragon Ball wish to remove a dangerous bomb from her which could have killed her at any moment.

So when your bar for humanity is that low, and you meet someone as lovely as Krillin, a gal is going to develop feelings.

Krillin is extremely fit, and kind of hunky.

Although for most of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z Krillin is considered a joke, especially when compared to the God that is Goku, he’s actually not that bad.

He is exceptionally physically fit with almost no body fat and a sixpack.

Although he is on the short side and bald, he more than makes up for this with his physicality.

Also, objectively speaking he face has a high level of symmetry which has long been associated with attractiveness.

Krillin’s got game

Android 18 wasn’t the first girlfriend that Krillin had either. For a brief time, we see Krillin be courting Maron.

Maron wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but Master Roshi certainly felt that she was very attractive.

So really, looking at Krillin’s history it shouldn’t be a surprise that Krillin managed to get himself such an attractive wife.

A lot can happen in 7 years, and we don’t really know what magical thing Krillin did to win the affections of Android 18. Perhaps he gathered the Dragon Balls for her to grant her any wish? Maybe he took her on a romantic turtle ride across the sea? Whatever Krillin did it must have been special to win the heart of the heartless Android 18.

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