Who killed Frieza?

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Lord Frieza is the self-proclaimed greatest fighter in the universe. It must come as a massive blow to his enormous ego every time he ends up losing a battle or getting killed. Frieza has done his fair share of killing, RIP planet Vegeta and the Saiyans, but just who killed Frieza?

Frieza was killed first by Trunks in Dragon Ball Z, and then a second time by Goku in the Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection F movie. Frieza has been killed a total of 2 times.

1st Kill – Trunks – The first cut is the deepest

While it is true that Goku turned into a Super Saiyan, kicked Frieza’s ass, made him get cut up by his own Destructo Disc and blew him to pieces… Goku didn’t actually kill him.

Frieza’s Dad King Cold found him drifting in space and gave him some badass cybernetic upgrade.

It wasn’t until Frieza came to Earth for revenge that he met Future Trunks who proceeded to cut him up into a million tiny pieces and then blast away the debris.

2nd Kill – Goku – Killing in the name of – Resurrection F

The Dragon Balls are very useful for the Z gang, but they are a double-edged sword. Not only can the good guys be brought back, but the bad guys can be brought back as well, and that’s exactly what happened with Frieza.

His crew wished him back together, and Frieza thought he’d try the same plan again of invading Earth, rather than blowing it up from his spaceship.

Luckily Goku was there this time to blast him away, with the help of Whis and kill him for the second time with a Super Kamehameha.

1.5th kill? Non-Canon Frieza Death

Although we love the movies, most of them aren’t canon, so we don’t count the deaths and killings.

But if you feel like watching another Frieza death scene, you can see Gohan punch Frieza so hard he explodes in Fusion Reborn. What a punch!

Despite being killed by Goku, Frieza was still able to compete, and do rather well, in the Tournament of Power. Frieza’s reward for this was that Whis bought him back to life. Hopefully, soon there will be a sequel to Dragon Ball Supre, and hopefully, Frieza can get his revenge on those pesky monkeys!