Is Frieza a girl?

Is Frieza a girl?

Despite being one the most feared rulers in the Universe, there’s no denying that Frieza is kind of effeminate by Earth Standards. This has led many a fan to question, is Frieza a girl?

Frieza is not a girl. Frieza is asexual, so doesn’t have a Gender. However, Frieza is referred to as masculine pronouns in the original Japanese Manga, but Frieza is not a boy either.

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Is Frieza a Boy or Girl?

When looking at whether Frieza is a boy or a girl, we have to look to his race and his parent.

Have you ever wondered why we see Frieza’s father, King Cold, but we never see his mother.

This is because King Cold is Frieza’s sole parent.

Toriyama himself has said that King Cold produced Frieza alone with no mention of another Mrs Cold being involved in the process.

So it’s safe to say people in the Frieza Race just reproduce by themselves. Frieza even has a non-canon child named Kuriza.

So Frieza is neither a boy or a girl. Frieza is just Frieza. An asexual psychopath!

Other Asexual Races in the Dragon Ball World

Frieza Race isn’t the only race that reproduces Asexually.

Namekians can also reproduce by themselves, and we even see King Piccolo give birth to Piccolo Jr by vomiting up an Egg and launching it into the distance.

So the concept of asexual aliens isn’t unheard of in the Dragon Ball World.

Frieza did have a female voice actor.

The main reason that the audience probably thinks Frieza is a girl is that Frieza has a female voice actor in the Funimation Dub.

Linda Young does an amazing job of voicing the sinister Lord Frieza, and the feminine voice actually makes him even more sinister.

Goku also has a female voice actor in the Japanese dub, so Frieza is just another in the long line of gender-blind casting in the Dragon Ball anime series.

Is Frieza a girl – Final Thoughts

Frieza is a fan favourite for a reason, and it ultimately doesn’t matter what his gender is.

There’s something so watchable about an evil little Napoleon overlord, with an extremely evil and extremely effeminate voice.

So even though many people think that Frieza is a girl, he’d blast you in the heart with his death beam before you can even say Non-canonical.

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