What race is Frieza? – Frieza Race Names

What race is Frieza? – Frieza Race Names

Master Roshi is a Human, Piccolo is a Namekian, Goku is a Saiyan and Freiza is a… Stuck? Don’t worry, you are not alone. We know he has a father (King Cold) and brother of questionable canon status (Cooler) so he simply must have a race. But identifying Frieza’s race is a lot trickier than it sounds, so just What race is Frieza?

The name of Frieza’s race is not officially known. The best answer is that Frieza’s race is called ‘The Frieza Race’. Other potential names could be the Acrosians, Changelings and Frost Lords.

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The Frieza Race

Although I don’t think this name is mentioned directly in the Anime or Manga, it’s featured in most of the other official material when it comes to Frieza’s profile.

Almost every game that lists characters race will name Frieza’s race as Frieza. The recent Xenoverse games are a great example of this. This name is simple and down to the point.

Dragon Ball sometimes enjoys using names they like several times, like how Vegeta is a planet and a prince. So it makes sense that Frieza would belong to the Frieza race.

Perhaps it’s a title given to the races mightiest warriors? Frieza was able to survive an absolutely massive spirit bomb on namek after all! Maybe Frieza forcibly changed the name of his whole race by deed poll? Who would stand in his way?

But if the question came up on a quiz, this is the answer I would give!


This answer wins for being the most realistic answer, as it sounds like an Alien race.

Acrosians fits alongside the general vibe of Saiyan and Namekian. However, this name was entirely made up by the 96-98 English dub, as the Japanese Manga and Anime doesn’t even give Frieza’s race a name.

Also, it’s not even clear whether they are referring to Frieza when they mention it.

While some would argue if Toriyama didn’t write it, it’s not canon, most would agree if it’s not in the Japanese manga or anime, then it definitely isn’t canon.

So, unfortunately, although this name has a lot going for it, we’ll have to wait for the name to reappear before we can start using this word in polite company.


If you are to believe this wiki article, then Changelings is the name of Frieza’s race. There isn’t much material that uses this term. But to me, it’s more similar to the word mutant, than an actual race.

Frieza is thought to be a genetic mutant, and even powerful for his race, so Changelings certainly makes sense.

However, with a lack of support from official sources, unless you count this random Pinterest!, we’ll have to pass on this one.

Frost Lords

By far the most badass name. Frost Lords just sounds cool. But like Changeling there isn’t much supporting evidence.

Some video games, such as Dragonball Fusions, refers to Frieza as a Frost Lord but with no official sources, we’ll just have to treat this name as fanfic.

Is Frieza race even a race?

Because not much is known about Frieza and his kind, it’s entirely possible that Frieza race is just the name the Frieza Clan gives to themselves. We know they are very powerful mutants but does that mean they are there own race? King Cold seems like a very arrogant person, and it’d be like the English Royal Family claiming they are the Royal Family Race. Who would have the guts to correct King Cold? So maybe the Frieza Race isn’t even a real thing, which is why it doesn’t have a name. But this just raises the question again, what is the real name of Frieza’s real race? Could Frieza be a mutated Saiyan? Probably not…probably not.

So we don’t really know what the answer is. But that could change any time new material comes out. With the parallel Frieza, Frost, introduced into the extended DB universe perhaps we will discover more of the origins of the Mighty Frieza clan.

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