How old is Frieza?

How old is Frieza?

Frieza has always been an enigma. When the purplish androgenous evil supervillain first appeared in the Namek Saga fans everywhere wanted to know more. But unlike Humans, aliens are very hard to age correctly. Take Piccolo; for example, he was just 3 when he first fought Goku. And since we’d only seen Frieza as an adult, we couldn’t even make an educated guess as to how old he is, until now! With the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly we believe we can make a very accurate guess.

No official age is given for Frieza, but we think he was born in Age 730 and is 2 years old when we first meet him in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. During the Namek Saga, he is 32 years old and is 43 years old during the Tournament of Power.

Here is a brief estimate timeline

  • – Born Age 730
  • – Frieza takes control of the Frieza Force Age 732 – Frieza is 2 years old.
  • – Planet Vegeta gets destroyed Age 737 – Frieza is 7 Years old.
  • – Frieza fights Goku on Namek Age 762 – Frieza is 32 Years old.
  • – Mech Frieza gets killed by Future Trunks Age 764- Frieza is 34 years old.
  • – Frieza fights in the tournament of Power Age 773 – Frieza is 43 years old.
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The youngest we see Freiza is in 2018’s Dragon Ball Super: Broly


Dragon Ball Super: Broly gave fans excellent fan service at the beginning of the movie to the fans of Frieza. We got to see him more youthful and shorter then we’ve ever seen him. He wasn’t wearing usual Frieza force battle armour and wasn’t even in charge of the Frieza Force; it was called the Cold force. We are told on screen this is 41 years before Broly fights the gang. Since we haven’t seen Frieza before this, he could have been born 5 minutes before he landed on planet Vegeta. The youngest he could be is 41 years old at this point. This puts his age range between 41 – 10000 years old.

We think Frieza is just 2 years old when we first meet him.

We know from Piccolo that aliens can have an extremely short infant period. At just three years old he was fully mature and fighting Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament. We also know Frieza was a child prodigy, is super intelligent, is extremely evil and impatient. On top of this, Frieza is close to his full Namek power as he never trained a day in his life. So how long before Frieza gets impatient and demands his own army from his father, King Cold? We believe that two years is enough of a period for Frieza to be born, created his forms to suppress his power and then starts demanding his own army from his father. Frieza calls himself a Prodigy, so how long would he stay at home with Mummy, or just go to regular Frieza Race school?

Frieza, in some ways, seems quite childish.

Despite being the ruler of the Frieza force, some things don’t add up about Frieza. Although he is intelligent, I don’t think anyone would call him wise. This lack of wisdom would make sense, considering he is a very young man. Goku and Vegeta run rings around him in Namek, and despite having all the advantages doesn’t get the Dragon Balls to make his wish. His fight with Vegeta is a lot closer than it should be considering the power difference. Frieza could have also beat Goku had he finished him quickly, and not killed Krillin. The Frieza we see in the Tournament of Power is a lot more crafty and wise than Namek Frieza, which makes sense considering he’s only a young man.

Frieza never trained a day in his life.

Frieza bragged to the Z fighters that he never had to train a day in his life. He’d never been in a tough fight and never attempted to control his final form power. The reason he didn’t need to train is because he never met anyone who came close to his power, and he never lost a fight. If Frieza is just 32 when he fights Goku on Namek, then this is believable. If it turns out Frieza is 1000 years old, and never encountered a Buu, or a Legendary Super Saiyan, or any of the powerful fights we know exists in the Universe, then that is strange. After 1000 years you’d think he’d train a little bit, but after 32 years then I believe that he never needed to.

There has never been any official canon answer to how old Frieza is but we think we have pretty sound reasoning and have figured out his age. But of course, a new flashback in a recent episode of Dragon Ball Super could confirm or deny our headcanon.

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