How many kids does Goku have?

How many kids does Goku have?

We first started following Goku when he was only a small boy. But Dragon Ball takes place over 30 years, and it was a joy to see Goku eventually have children of his own. But how many kids does Goku have?

Goku has 2 kids: Gohan and Goten by his wife, Chi-Chi. Gohan is the eldest, born Age 757, and Goten is the youngest, born Age 767.

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Gohan – Goku’s First Kid

After Goku achieved his goal of defeating Piccolo Jr and married Chi-Chi, it was only a matter of time before they got a visit from the stalk. Gohan is born in the gap between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, so Gohan’s birth isn’t covered on screen. Goku was 20 years old when Gohan was born in Age 757.

Goten – Goku’s Second Kid

There was quite a long gap between Goku’s first and second kid. Goten was born 10 years after Gohan when Goku was 30 years old in Age 767. Once again the birth story isn’t covered during Dragon Ball Z as it occurs in the time skip between the Cell Saga and the Buu Saga. We know that Goku must have fathered Goten in the brief time after he was training in the hyperbolic time chamber and before he was killed by Cell. Poor Goten didn’t actually get to meet his father until he is about 7. Poor Goten!

Will Goku have any more children?

As of Dragon Ball Super Goku is 43 years old. Because Chi-Chi is the same age as Goku, that means that she is also 43 years old. While it’s probably biologically possible for Goku and Chi-Chi to have another baby (They could always use the Dragon Balls to help things along) it’s pretty uncommon for a woman to have babies at 43, though they certainly can if they choose! Also, Goku could always have a child with another woman but a) Goku only has eyes for Chi-Chi and b) Chi-Chi would likely murder him or injure him so badly he’d never been able to father kids again!

Does Goku have a Daughter?

No, Goku does not have a daughter. Goku only has 2 children both of which are boys, Gohan and Goten.

Goku has a grandchild – Pan.

Although Chi-Chi and Goku may have been sad that they didn’t have any girls, at least Gohan and Videl had one named Pan. In Dragon Ball GT, Goku and Pan are shown to be best friends, so it’s like Pan is his third child in that regard. We see at the End of Z Goku trains Pan to fight in the martial arts tournament as well, as she wears his traditional orange outfit.

To quote Homer Simpson, “I’d rather drink a beer than with father of the year”. In Goku’s case it should be I’d rather train in otherworld for eight years, but the gist is the same. Luckily Gohan and Goten have such a strong mother to make up for their absentee father. But in Goku’s defence, he has saved the universe a bunch of times, so we’ll forgive him for his laissez-faire parenting approach. If you want to see perhaps his greatest parenting moment then we recommend the almighty and epic father-son Kamehameha Enjoy



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