Did Goku die on Namek?

Did Goku die on Namek?

Goku V Frieza, the fight which made time standstill. After Frieza destroyed the core of Namek, he said the planet would explode in 5 minutes when it actually took a few hours of screen time. But that wasn’t the only mystery concerning the fight, as Goku makes an unexplained absence and reappearance, which has led to many fans asking the question, did Goku did on Namek?

No, Goku did not die on Namek. He never died during the fight with Frieza, even after being thrown underground into lava, and he escaped Namek just before the planet exploded on a spare spaceship.

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Did Goku die in the Lava?

A normal person, when thrown underground into lava, would probably be killed, but not Goku.

Being plunged into and surviving 2,000° fahrenheit temperatures, Goku either has Vibranium skin or made an energy forcefield for himself.

He emerges not long after and continues the fight with Frieza. But why do people think Goku died on Namek?

Did the Dragon Balls wish Goku back on Namek?

Even though this isn’t an issue in the manga, in the anime, there is a peculiar bit of timing that led to the fan theory that Goku died.

Goku is launched into lava, which would kill most normal people. Gohan then starts fighting Frieza and says he can’t sense Goku (but this doesn’t happen in the manga).

Then Mr Popo makes a wish using the Dragon Balls that wished everyone back to life who Frieza and his henchman killed.

After Goku reappears to keep fighting the good fight against Frieza. But Goku reappearing had nothing to do with the Dragon Ball wish.

It was just a coincidence that he appeared at the same time the wish was made.

Shenron can’t bring back people twice.

Another reason that Goku couldn’t have died and come back on Namek was because he’d already died and had been brought back by Shenron once before.

After training on King Kai’s planet while dead, Goku was wished back by the gang to help fight Nappa and Vegeta. So it’s impossible for Shenron to have brought him back, because Shenron can’t grant the same wish twice. (Thanks to Rooney for pointing this out!)

Did Goku escape Namek?

Since the show is over 30 years old, I feel comfortable letting you know a few spoilers. Yes, of course, Goku escaped Namek.

Even though he doesn’t escape with Gohan, Krillin and Bulma, he manages to find another spaceship that probably belonged to the Ginyu Force.

Just as the planet explodes, he makes his getaway but cannot program the ship, so he gets launched to the nearby planet: Yardrat.

So no, Goku doesn’t die on Namek when he is launched into lava or when the planet explodes.

Did Goku die on Namek? – Final Thoughts

Fans of the original manga probably love this misconception, as it allows them to correct the legions of fans who only watch the anime.

Even though it’s ambiguous in the anime, the manga leaves no doubt that Goku didn’t die on Namek.

So I’d like to thank the purist out there for setting the record straight!

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