What Episode does Bulma meet Vegeta?

What Episode does Bulma meet Vegeta?

Compared to the great love stories of the ages, such as Romeo and Juliet or Beyonce and JayZ, Vegeta and Bulma have one of the least romantic or fairy tale relationships ever.

But there’s no doubt that if “How I met your Mother” ever did an episode on how Vegeta met Bulma, it would make for a very interesting story. So if we go back to when it all started, what episode does Bulma meet Vegeta?

Bulma meets Vegeta Episode 56 of Dragon Ball Z, named Zarbon’s Mission, during the Namek Saga. But Vegeta doesn’t pay much attention to Bulma and he is more interested in the Dragon Ball that Krillin is holding.

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Bulma first saw Vegeta when he came to Earth.

Even though the first time they officially met when on Namek, this wasn’t the first time Bulma saw Vegeta.

When Vegeta and Nappa came to Earth to find the Dragon Balls, Bulma’s then-boyfriend at the time Yamcha was one of Vegeta’s victims.

Bulma being the supportive girlfriend, was watching the action from afar, so she would have seen Vegeta, and although Vegeta may have caught a glimpse of Bulma in the corner of his eye, I don’t think you can call it a meeting.

Bulma only had eyes for Zarbon at first.

When Vegeta first met Bulma, he was after the 1 star Dragon Ball that Krillin was holding. But Vegeta wasn’t the only one after that Dragon Ball. Frieza’s most eligible henchman Zarbon was trying to get it as well.

After Vegeta threatened to kill Bulma if Krillin didn’t give up the Ball, Bulma thought Zarbon was there to rescue her after he confronted Vegeta. Sadly though, Zarbon would have killed Bulma even quicker than Vegeta would have.

Here’s a youtube clip of the meeting, hopefully it doesn’t get taken down!

Vegeta spared Bulma’s life when they first met.

Saiyan’s have a hard time showing romance. But after Krillin gave Vegeta the final Dragon Ball he thought he needed, there’d have been nothing stopped Vegeta from killing Bulma, along with Krillin.

So the fact that Vegeta didn’t murder Bulma was actually quite a big moment, and that could have been the start of the spark between Vegeta and Bulma.

Sure it’s not quite flowers and a poem, but deciding not to kill someone is a big deal for a Saiyan.

What Ball Manga Chapter did Bulma meet Vegeta?

Vegeta first meets Bulma in chapter 267 of the original Dragon Ball Manga named Reunion of Terror. It was originally released in 1990!

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