Can Vegeta use mastered ultra instinct?

Can Vegeta use mastered ultra instinct?

Vegeta and Goku are eternal rivals, always pushing each other to higher and higher plains of powers. When Goku demonstrated his ability to use Ultra Instinct to knock the stuffing out of Jiren fans hoped that Vegeta wouldn’t be too far behind. So is Vegeta Ultra Instinct a thing?

As of the Tournament of Power Vegeta can not use Ultra Instinct. Although he received the same training as Goku from Whis specifically about Ultra Instinct, and they both fought Jiren, only Goku demonstrated his ability to use Ultra Instinct.

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Will Vegeta ever use the famous autonomous ultra instinct?

Ultra Instinct Vegeta has a certain ring to it. There’s no denying it. If we look at what Vegeta has gone through, then it only seems logical that Vegeta will be able to do it.

He received the same God training as Goku, they could both use SSB, and they both faced superior opposition in Jiren to spur them on.

So all the ingredients for Vegeta going one step beyond are there, but maybe something is missing?

Maybe Ultra Instinct will be unique for Goku?

Although it seems logical Vegeta will be able to one day use Ultra Instinct what does logic have to do with Dragon Ball Super?

The fact is Goku is a unique snowflake, and he has many abilities that not many people have.

He is the only hero who can use Kaio-Ken, Instant Transmission and a Spirit Bomb.

Maybe one or all of these unique abilities have helped Goku learn Ultra Instinct, maybe Goku.

Does Vegeta even care about Ultra Instinct?

If you were to ask Vegeta, he would say no. Why should he care what Kakarot has when he got a pretty badass transformation himself. It seems to be an ascended rage SSB that Vegeta used to go toe to toe with Jiren.

Although not as powerful as Ultra Instinct, the main advantage of this is that Vegeta has complete control over when he uses it and can use it for a greater time then Goku uses Ultra Instinct.

So if UI Goku were to fight rage SSB Vegeta I would bet on Goku during the early rounds, but Vegeta during the late rounds.

Ultra Instinct is probably on the cards for Vegeta, but if it isn’t, then who cares? Vegeta, in his stubborn style, will eventually get an equal or more powerful transformation, so he needs to bide his time, work on his training and keep thinking about how much Kakarot grinds his gears!

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