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When does Gohan go Super Saiyan?
“Like Father like Son”, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, and “he’s a chip off the old block”. All sayings that could apply to the relationship between Gohan and Goku. Goku shocked the world by turning Super Saiyan […]
What does Kai mean in Dragon Ball Z?
In the Saiyan Saga, we were first told by Kami about a mysterious King Kai who was a great martial arts trainer. And then again, we met the Supreme Kai in the Buu arc and were introduced to a whole […]
What is Majin Buu?
Before we ever saw Majin Buu on our screen’s there was a great mythos surrounding him, with the Elder Kai acting like a massive scardy cat every time Majin Buu’s name is mentioned. But just what is Majin Buu? Majin […]
Is Yamcha a Saiyan?
Yamcha is everyone’s favourite underdog, and I’m sure everyone has their own favourite Yamcha Meme! He’s been friends with Goku for many years and even shares a similar appearance to Goku, with his Orange Gi Suit, pale skin and wild […]
What episode does Goku go Ultra Instinct?
Super Saiyan had a good reign and had three major transformations before it was usurped by God Ki. Then God Ki had a shorter reign with two major transformations before it was knocked off the top spot by Ultra Instinct. […]
Why does Goku have a tail?
There’s a reason why Frieza refers to Goku and Vegeta as “Monkeys”, and it’s not because of their love for Bananas! It’s because of their beautiful long tails, but why does Goku have a tail in the first place? All […]
How Did Yamcha Get His Scars?
One day Yamcha didn’t have any scars on his face. Then all of a sudden Yamcha has two mysterious scars on his face. One is a curved line above and below his eye, and the other is an X-shaped cut […]
Who Voices Goku?
When the world was first introduced to Goku, it was in Manga form, so he didn’t have a voice. One of the most important decisions for when the Dragon Ball Anime was first made was who was going to voice […]
How Did Frost Beat Goku?
One of the more exciting things about discovering parallel universes in the Dragon Ball Universe was Frieza’s counterpart Frost. At first, the audience thought that Frieza was the evil twin, and Frost was the good twin, but first appearances can […]
Why does Tien have 3 eyes?
In the Dragon Ball Universe, it doesn’t seem possible for Toriyama to only create normal characters. We have a monkey boy with a tail, a shapeshifting pig, a little white baby-man and a giant green alien. So the existence of […]