What is Mr Satan’s (Hercules) Power Level?

What is Mr Satan’s (Hercules) Power Level?

Now listen here, you Peasants. Mr Satan is the strongest martial arts fighter in the universe. He is the mighty World Champion. He doesn’t need tricks and lights to look good, unlike those so-called Super Saiyans. He uses his superior patented fighting techniques.

Power level? The champ doesn’t need, nor wants, a high power level. All that hocus pocus is a cheap trick, and he managed to defeat Majin Buu easily without one. But just for argument’s sake, what is Mr Satan’s power level?

Mr Satan’s power level is around 10. We know Kid Goku had a power level of 10 and would have been able to beat Hercule in a fight.

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Mr Satan – The Strongest Human Alive

Even though Mr Satan is a bit of a laughing stock among the Z fighters, he is actually one of the most powerful fights on Earth.

When the Z fighters weren’t competing, he easily won the World Martial Arts Tournament.

So Mr Satan has to be one of the strongest Ki-less fighters there is, 2nd only to his daughter Videl.

Mr Satan’s Power Level compared to Kid Goku.

We know for a fact that when Kid Goku first meets Bulma, he has a power level of 10, thanks to Daizenshuu 7.

We also see Goku deflect a bullet from a gun and get hit by a car. So we can already assume Kid Goku, with no formal martial arts training, is stronger than the mighty Hercules.

I think it’s fair to conclude that Mr Satan and Goku could both have a power level of around 10, but Goku would win a fight due to having a stronger Saiyan Body.

Mr Satan’s Power compared to the farmer.

The first actual power level we see is courtesy of Raditz’s scouter when he measures the power level of a farmer with a gun.

This farmer had a power level of just 5.

Some people would think that Hercules should have a power level of more than double the untrained farmer. However, I think the scouter was picking up the gun, giving him a boost.

Also, the Scouter measures Ki, so it’s possible the farmer and Mr Satan have a similar Ki level, but Mr Satan actually has a lot bigger muscles and better technique.

What is Mr Satan’s (Hercules) Power Level? – Final Thoughts

Since we know Mr Satan is stronger than the farmer but weaker than Kid Goku it’s reasonable to give Mr Satan a power level of between 5 and 10. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and give him a power level of 10.

I’ve seen some estimates on the internet for Hercule having a power level of between 40 and 100, but I just don’t think that can be true.

Many fans agree Kid Goku was strong enough to beat Hercule, and Saiyan’s are just naturally born with higher power levels than Humans.

But let’s give it up for the champ. He lived the American Dream of making a boatload of money without really being the best in his field.

He also played his part in defeating Cell during the Cell Games and generating the Super Spirit Bomb that killed Super Buu.

A true hero indeed.

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