Does Jiren have Ultra Instinct?

Does Jiren have Ultra Instinct?

Jiren is one powerful dude. That’s just a matter of public record at this point. He was able to absolutely destroy Super Saiyan Blue Kaio Ken X20 Goku without breaking a sweat. We then saw Ultra Instinct Goku get a massive boost from using it, and one possible theory for Jirens power is that he must be able to use Ultra Instinct as well. So does Jiren have Ultra Instinct?

No, Jiren does not use Ultra Instinct. He doesn’t even use God Ki! Jiren is just extraordinarily strong and can wield an extremely large amount of regular Ki.

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What is Ultra Instinct?

Ultra Instinct is a technique that allows a fighter to attack and dodge attacks without thinking about it, as the body moves independently to the brain.

This results in a warrior having much more speed than regular fighters, allowing them to punch and dodge a lot more effectively.

Ultra Instinct transformation also gives a white/blue aura to its user, and makes their eyes white. Just look at Goku using it below.

Goku Ultra Instinct

Do we see Jiren use Ultra Instinct?

We see Jiren fight a lot during the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. He battles some of the most powerful fighters one-on-one and wins, including Hit, Goku and Vegeta.

But we never see him actually use Ultra Instinct during battle. While his attacks are powerful, they are just regular Ki attacks, and we see Jiren always has his Red Aura surrounding him, and not the white/blue aura.

On top of that, none of the God of Destruction or Angel spectators says anything about Jiren using Ultra Instinct, so it’s pretty safe to say Jiren has never used Ultra Instinct.

Can Jiren learn Ultra Instinct one day?

A lot is still not known about Ultra Instinct. If it was easy to learn, then everyone would be doing it as it’s basically an unbeatable state.

But it’s possible not every mortal is physically capable of doing it, and maybe Goku is just one of the few lucky ones.

It’s also possible that only Angels can teach the technique. So if Jiren isn’t friends with the Universe 11 Angel, he won’t be able to learn it.

Unlike how Whis helped Goku achieve Mastered Ultra Instinct. So basically, the answer to this question is we don’t know, but maybe!

So why is Jiren so Powerful?

Once again, we don’t know why Jiren is so powerful.

We know about his batman origin story in which his parents were killed by a mysterious demon, and this led him to train his socks off.

But Yamcha trained his socks off as well and was killed by a Saiberman, so training alone a powerful warrior does not make.

Jiren doesn’t even use ‘God of Destruction’ powers that his teammate Top uses. But at his full power, Jiren was able to take on Goku, Vegeta, Frieza and Android 17, so he has the most amount of raw power we’ve ever seen.

Jiren is just a naturally powerful dude who is able to wield vast amounts of regular Ki. So once again, the answer to this question is we don’t know.

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