When is Dragon Ball Super coming back? | Dragon Ball Super Season 2

When is Dragon Ball Super coming back? | Dragon Ball Super Season 2

After two decades in the Wilderness with no Dragon Ball animes released, adults everywhere were crying tears of Joy when Dragon Ball Super was first announced in 2015!

Although there were problems with the animation and power scaling is crazier than ever, for the majority of fans, this didn’t matter. We just loved that our favourite series was back with new power-ups and crazy boss fights.

So when Dragon Ball Super ended in 2018 after the epic Tournament of Power saga, new and old fans everywhere were asking the same question, when will Dragon Ball Super Season 2 return?

There have been no official announcements that Dragon Ball Super is returning, and there is no release date. Dragon Ball Super may never return! The Dragon Ball Super Manga is still being released, so it’d make sense than an anime follows, but right now no official sources are telling us of a new anime.

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Manga is still being released, so Anime will surely follow.

Traditionally for the majority of the Dragon Ball Anime, it followed the Manga.

Although there would be differences between the two mediums generally Anime would follow the Mangas story.

Famously Dragon Ball GT didn’t follow any Manga, and many fans would say that’s what made it suck. Towards the final Saga of the Dragon Ball Super anime, it has caught up and overtaken the Manga.

So this current anime hiatus could be the Anime waiting for the Manga to get further enough ahead.

This heavily hints that Super will be returning one day to our screens, as there has never been a Dragon Ball Manga that wasn’t made into an Anime.

Admittedly this isn’t real evidence, but if I were a gambling man, I’d be that Dragon Ball Super will be coming back at some point.

They haven’t said it isn’t coming back.

The company responsible for Dragon Ball Super, Toei, hasn’t said it isn’t happening!

Generally, companies don’t like been annoyed by fans continually asking the same questions and will be as honest as possible.

So when asked when Dragon Ball Super isn’t returning they’ve never said Dragon Super is dead, there will be no more Dragon Ball anime.

They just haven’t told us when it is coming out, which probably means it is coming, but even they don’t know the release date yet.

Again not real evidence but it’s more likely Super is returning than isn’t returning.

My Personal Opinion

Many fans thought Super Season 2 would be coming back in 2020. However, with the unexpected outbreak of the Coronavirus around the world, it’s possible that plans were put on halt if any plans did exist.

As of writing this article, it is coming towards the end of 2020. I’d have thought it’d have been announced if it was coming out in 2020. Therefore I think we will see a new Dragon Ball Super anime sometime in 2021. I hope for early 2021, but honestly, we have no leaks or evidence to base this off.

So although we couldn’t answer the question When is Dragon Ball Super coming back, we hope we have reassured you that it is coming…probably. But where and when we can’t say. But the good news is there’s so much DB content out, and there is always something to enjoy. Maybe you watched the Sub of Dragon Ball Super so want to check out the Dub? Have you been putting off watching Dragon Ball Kai? Have you never watched the abridged series? So just like Gohan when he was gaining his mystical powers, you are just going to have to be patient.

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