How Did Yamcha Get His Scars?

How Did Yamcha Get His Scars?

One day Yamcha didn’t have any scars on his face. Then all of a sudden Yamcha has two mysterious scars on his face. One is a curved line above and below his eye, and the other is an X-shaped cut on his cheek. But how did Yamcha get his scars?

It is never explained how Yamcha gets his scars. It is thought that he could have got them from his bandit lifestyle or from training too hard.

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Who is Yamcha

Yamcha is one of the Z-fighters and the oldest friend of Goku. In fact, he used to be Goku’s staunchest ally.

He was involved in Goku’s struggles and provided companionship in battles and tournaments alike.

In Dragon Ball Z, his character became irrelevant to the anime. Goku found other stronger Z warriors who were better than Yamcha.

Originally, Yamcha used to be Goku’s enemy but quickly became his friend. He was a brave, dependable, and talented martial artist.

The skills and traits of this warrior allowed him to fight alongside other Z fighters.

By being outclassed by his friends and enemies, he retired in the Dragon Ball Z.

He continues to be present whenever a new threat approaches and will be lending a helping hand whenever needed.

About Yamcha’s Trademark Scars

Unfortunately, these scars were never explained in the Dragon Ball Z franchise.

Fans do remember they weren’t a part of his appearance throughout the original Dragon Ball.

Yamcha showed up with these scars after three years when young Goku arrives at the Kame house to meet his friends.

This reunion was before the 23rd world martial arts tournament.

These three years were skipped as Z-warriors, including Yamcha, were training for the upcoming tournament.

This explains that Yamcha must have received those scars during the training.

He might have cut his face while facing an opponent carrying a sword.

Another explanation is that he must have hit himself while training.

Fans certainly love Yamcha’s new personality. Although we don’t know the true origin story for his scars, they sure look great on him!

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