Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 – NO RELEASE DATE YET

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 – NO RELEASE DATE YET

Everyone loved Dragon Ball Xenoverse when it first came out in 2015! Bandai Namco raised the bar again when they released Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in 2016. But now it’s been six long years since these games were released, with has left fans banging their head against their monitors trying to find out when is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 coming out?

There is no release date for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3. It is not currently in development, and it is not known if the game will ever be made.

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Official Sources on Xenoverse 3 release date

Although there have been many rumours flying around the internet, there has been no official release date or even confirmation that the game is in development. A lot of people claim to have insider information but provide no sources, and so we can only assume there sadly is no release date.

Will Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 ever be released – Official Sources.

In an interview in 2017, a producer of Dragon Ball FighterZ said: “With the upcoming release of FighterZ, doesn’t mean that we will stop the development of the Xenoverse series”. This “development” could hint at Xenoverse 3, or could just mean they will continue the development of Xenoverse 2 DLC. Either way that is the closest source to someone mentioning Xenoverse 2.

Fans hope it will be released 2022-2023.

Although there haven’t been any official sources for this games release date this hasn’t stopped many fans and news outlets speculating when it could be released. It would make sense that Xenoverse 3 waited for the launch of the PS5 and new Xbox, so 2022/2023 would be a new logical time for it to come out. But regardless of what the fans wish without official confirmation, it has as much chance of coming out in 3021 as 2021.

Xenoverse 2 is still releasing DLC in 2021

A bad sign for Xenoverse 3 is the fact that Bandai Namco keeps releasing DLC for Xenoverse 2. Clearly the developers are still working on the 2nd game rather than the 3rd. DLC Pack 11/Legendary Pack 1 was released March 18, 2021, which probably indicates development for Xenoverse hasn’t started.

Sorry if this was not the news you wanted to hear when clicking this article, but it’s important not to give fans false hope. At this point, the last Xenoverse game was five years ago, and the gap between 1 and 2 was only one year… so chances are looking slim. We will be sure to update you if any official news comes out.

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