Who is stronger Goten or Trunks?

Who is stronger Goten or Trunks?

Although Goku and Vegeta are bitter rivals, they didn’t continue their grudge through their children. Goku’s son Goten, and Vegeta’s son Trunks are best friends and are rarely shown apart on screen. But just because they are friends doesn’t mean they’d never fight each other. If they ever did go all out on each other who is stronger Goten or Trunks?

Trunk’s is stronger than Goten as he is a year older, receives more rigorous training from his Dad, Vegeta, and he defeated Goten in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

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Trunks fought and beat Goten in the 25th World Tournament.

You can watch the fight on youtube, but the gist of it is Trunks won. It should be noted that they were both limited by the rules of the Martial Arts tournament, and both turned into Super Saiyan at different points when they agreed not to.

However, it’s fair to say Trunks was winning most of the fight and eventually knocked Goten out. So Trunks is 1 – 0 in terms of fights, making him stronger than Goten.

Trunks is a year older, and a year makes a big difference at that age.

Anyone with older brothers or sisters will understand how much of a difference one year makes when you are that young. You’d back a 6-year-old to beat a 5-year-old in a fight every time.

So Trunks definitely has the advantage over Goten in this regard. As they both get older, the difference will be less and less important, but for now, we can assume Trunks is stronger than he is older than Goten.

Future Trunks is the ultimate badass – A glimpse into the future?

We see how strong Trunks could become, but we don’t see how strong Future Goten can become. In fairness, Baby Trunks won’t be as strong as Future Trunks, because Future Trunks had a very hard life and has been pushed beyond his limits by two cataclysmic events.

So based purely on the fact that Goten is an unknown quantity we have to give the nod to Trunks being stronger right now and having more potential in the future.

Vegeta is the ultimate pushy father.

Role models are essential for children, and there’s no greater role model than your father.

For Goten, his dad was absent for most his life, but Trunks had a very active father training him in high gravity.

If Goku had trained Goten then maybe he’d have been stronger, but instead, Goten seems to be mainly trained to Chi-Chi. So judging by the strength of the teacher you’d fancy Trunks to be the stronger warrior right now.

Goten has potential – Goku genetics.

The one thing Goten has going for him and a reason he may be stronger is because of his family history.

Chi-Chi is a much better martial artist than Bulma. Goku is also a stronger fighter than Vegeta. Gohan was even stronger than Vegeta as a child before he stopped training.

So really you could guess that Goten has a lot of hidden potential not yet unlocked. And if Goten trained like Goku did he may end up stronger than Trunks.

Non-Canon Future Goten and Trunks – A Dragon Ball GT glimpse into the future

You can choose to ignore Dragon Ball GT if you want, but that show is set well in the future past Dragon Ball Super and could potentially offer some interesting insight into the discussion.

And we actually see that both Goten and Trunks have given up the martial arts lifestyle.

Trunks is the head of Capsule Corp, while Goten is seen chasing girls. So it’s possible that neither of them fulfil their full potential in this alternate timeline.

We also can’t say that Trunks is that much stronger than Goten, as they were both due to accompany Goku on the quest for the Dragon Balls, but Pan caused the ship to launch before Goten could get on board.

Trunks then does grow stronger than Goten but this isn’t due to Trunks being more capable than Goten, it’s just due to circumstances. So yeah, GT isn’t canon doesn’t really offer any significant evidence to the debate. I just like bringing up Dragon Ball GT!

Conclusion – Who is stronger Goten or Trunks?

If you are putting a bet on the next martial Arts Tournament, I think the safe money would be on Trunks.

It’d be really close though, and an upset could definitely be on the cards the older Trunks and Goten get, and the more like their fathers they become.

If Goku started training Goten the way Vegeta trained Trunks, maybe with some time in the hyperbolic time chamber, than Trunks better watch out!

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