How to Summon Shenron?

How to Summon Shenron?

If you’ve got any wishes you’d like to come true, then you need to summon Shenron.

Although his powers aren’t unlimited, he can pretty much give you anything your heart desires, whether you want to look five years younger or if you want to be five inches taller, Shenron has you covered.

So to help you out we have decided to give you the steps needed to summon Shenron.

You should be warned however that the Dragon Balls are highly sought after items and you may need to fight off miscreants like the Pilaf Gang to get them all.

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How to Summon Shenron Steps?

Total Time: 1 minute
Tools Needed: Dragon Ball Radar
Supply: 7 Dragon Balls

  1. Collect all 7 Dragon Balls on Earth.

    Bulma Dragon Ball Radar

    You may want to talk to Bulma to get her dragon ball radar, as it’s tough to find them without it. The Dragon Balls are spread to the four corners of the world, so be prepared to search far and wide for them.

  2. Place the Dragon Balls next to each other outside.

    Dragon Balls on Ground

    Find a nice open space and put all of the Dragon Balls within a couple of inches of each other. They should be close but not touching. Make sure to do this outside and not inside as Shenron may rip a big hole in your roof.

  3. Stand in front of the Dragon Balls and chant “Rise Shenron”.

    Goku Wishing Shenron

    You want to be facing the Dragon Balls but standing about 2 meters away from them, to avoid Shenron when he pops out. Then in a confident, loud voice chant “Rise Shenron”. If you do it right then, Shenron should come rising out of the Dragon Balls in a cloud of thunder and lightning.

  4. Ask Shenron Nicely for your wish.

    Although Shenron is willing to grant your wishes, he can also be a bit grumpy. So when asking Shenron make sure to speak to him nicely, and say please and thank you.

  5. Stand back from the Dragon Ball as they disperse.

    Dragon Ball Scattering

    After you make your wish, a few things will happen. Shenron will disappear, the balls will turn to stone, and they will fling themselves back to the four corners of the world. You will need to wait 1 full earth year before they turn back into Dragon Balls and you can grant another wish.

And that’s really all there is to it! Pretty simple really for getting your wildest wish granted.

What wishes can Shenron not grant?

Shenron is very powerful and mystical; however there are some things he just can’t do, and Shenron has some wish rules. He is limited by the power of his creator, which currently is Earth Guadian Dende. He can’t destroy anyone stronger than him and, with a power level of just 100, that is most people we meet in the Dragon Ball World. He can also only grant two wishes if you choose to bring two people back from the dead. And he can’t bring anyone back from the dead who has died of old age. Check out the Wiki page to learn more about the mighty Shenron!

How many wishes can Shenron grant?

As of 2021, Shenron can grant three wishes. However, if two of those wishes are used to bring people back from the dead, you only get two wishes. Historically Shenron was only able to grant one wish when Kami was the guardian of the Earth. However, when Dende was made guardian of the Earth, he made Shenron grant three wishes.

What wishes has Shenron granted in the past?

Many times, Shenron has been called upon over the years, mainly used by the heroes of Dragon Ball Z to fix their mistakes or bring their friends back from the dead. Here is a brief list in some of the previous ways wishes have been granted to give you some inspiration.

  • Oolong wishes for girls underwear
  • Goku wishes Bora back
  • Piccolo wishes to be young again.
  • Goku’s friends wished him back.
  • Mr Popo wished everyone alive who was killed on Namek
  • Goku’s friends wished everyone alive who was killed by Cell
  • Krillin removes explosive devices from Android 17 and 18.
  • Goku asks for a Super Saiyan God.

If you need further inspiration, then feel free read this list of wishes!

Every Wish Ever

And as one final treat for you, here is a youtube of every wish granted on the greatest anime series ever!

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