How strong is Android 17?

How strong is Android 17?

Just when he thought he was out, they pull him back in. But with the Universe’s very existence at stake, Android 17 was called upon to fight in the tournament of power.

He didn’t just do well fighting against the strongest warriors in the multiverse, but he actually won it! Android 17 must have been training a lot in this period, but how strong is Android 17?

Android 17 is as strong as Super Saiyan God, but not as strong as Super Saiyan Blue. His main strength when fighting is his unlimited power supply and his ki energy field he has mastered.

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Android 17’s Power Level – How strong is he?

When we first meet Android 17, he was already stronger than Frieza but soon got outclassed by Cell.

But just before the Tournament of Power he spars with Goku and forces Goku to go to Super Saiyan Blue.

Although he wasn’t able to beat Goku like that, it’s safe to assume he would have beat a Super Saiyan God Goku.

So this puts his power level between Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God. But his raw power wasn’t the only tool in his arsenal.

Android’s have an infinite energy supply.

Although Android 17 lacks the raw power of Jiren, he had another advantage.

Dr Gero created Android 17 and 18 with an infinite power supply, meaning they never get tired. This gives Android 17 a massive advantage in battle as he can outlast any opponent.

Android 17 will always be able to evade attack by constantly flying around, and should have the advantage in most ki battles.

Special Ki Shield – Deploy.

As well as having infinite energy, Android 17 also perfected a ki technique that created a very powerful energy barrier around him.

This, combined with unlimited energy, meant that he could keep himself safe from a variety of powerful attacks.

As the great Sun Tsu once said, “If your enemy is superior, evade him.”

Why is Android 17 so strong?

Android 17 certainly gained a lot of strength since we last saw him.

During the Cell saga, we saw him get swallowed up by Cell’s tail, but the new Android 17 would have eaten him for breakfast.

So the decade he spent training, with his unlimited energy supply is the reason he gained so much power.

His base was stronger Frieza with no training, so it makes sense that with training for so many years, he’d gain a massive boost in power and strength.

How did android 17 survive in the Tournament of Power?

Although Android 17 was kind of weak compared to Jiren, he survived for so long in the Tournament of Power because he is a very intelligent fighter, and makes use of his strengths.

By changing his fighting style to move around a lot, hide behind his ki barrier and use a greater quantity of Ki blasts, he was able to punch well above his weight.

Despite his disadvantages, Android 17 was able to hold his own and even do damage to Jiren because he was a smart fighter who knew how to best utilise his talents.

Although not many fans would have predicted Android 17 would win the tournament of power, we have to give credit to him. He worked like a trojan to protect those animals from space poachers and reaped the benefits. Maybe bodybuilders should take a leaf about of Android 17’s book and head to Africa to protect some wildlife from poachers to get some sick gains.

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