How does Bulma know Jaco?

How does Bulma know Jaco?

For many Dragon Ball fans watching Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, there was a lot of confusion and questions as to who this little alien was, named Jaco. He seemed to know Bulma, Frieza, Beerus and Whis, but no one else. Did we miss something? Was Jaco from Dragon Ball Z but we missed him? Where did Jaco come from and how does Bulma know Jaco?

Bulma knows Jaco after she met him as a child as Jaco was a friend of Bulma’s sister Tights. Jaco’s first appearance is in Resurrection F, but he has his own spin-off origin story named Jaco the Galactic Patrolman.

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Jaco’s First Appearance in Resurrection F: Retcon mad!

You would be forgiven for not knowing who Jaco was when you first saw him. The character was dropped into the movie, and a whole new back story was made for him and inserted into the Dragon Ball Universe. Bulma’s history has been slightly retconned as she went flying in Jaco’s spaceship when she was younger, which opens all sorts of questions about how she didn’t know about space travel in the Namek Saga…but I digress.

Bulma had a sister? Tights

Another fun fact that many people watching the movie wouldn’t have known is that Bulma has a sister. Although there no mention of her until Dragon Ball Super, she also gets an origin story in Jaco The Galatic Patrolman. This is yet another retcon by creator Toriyama because he is a god, and can do whatever he likes! So the reason Bulma knows Jaco is that Tights introduced them. So then how did Tights meet Jaco? Jaco met Tights randomly on east island, but you should check out Jaco The Galactic Patrolman to find out more.

How does Bulma know Jaco? – Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Bulma has known Jaco for years and years but just forgot to mention it to anyone. Maybe she was sworn to secrecy as Jaco wants to operate unnoticed. It does beg the question of why Jaco didn’t help out any of the Z fighters throughout the years of invasion and death. If you want to read more about Bulma, then check out this article find out how old Bulma is.

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